DISCLAIMER: This discussion is a thought experiment. I realise that God/Gods cannot be proved or disproved so please answer this discussion in the spirit in which it was raised. Atheists can substitute whichever God/Gods they are most familiar with.


If you woke up tomorrow and it could be demonstrated beyond reasonable doubt that God/Gods (see above disclaimer) do actually exist what would you do differently in your every-day life?


If you woke up tomorrow and it could be demonstrated beyond reasonable doubt that no God/Gods exist (see above disclaimer) what would you do differently in your every-day life?

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I'll start as an example - I'm using the Christian God. Although I try to be good and moral now for humanist reasons I would be even more careful to be a good and moral person to avoid burning in eternal fire after I'm dead. For example, sometimes I might take a pen or something from the work stationery cupboard. That would cease. 

For those who complain that eternal hell-fire is a silly fundamentalist idea I will remind you that I am stating what I personally would do differently. My understanding is that under the Christian God hell is the punishment for sinners and I will strive to avoid that.

"I would be even more careful to be a good and moral person to avoid burning in eternal fire after I'm dead."

- my understanding is that you only go to hell if you don't believe in God or Jesus.  If you do believe, then you go to heaven and all your sins are forgiven. 

To answer your question, I wouldn't do anything differently in any way whatsoever.  If God wanted to send me to hell for some little technicality like not believing, then fuck Him. 

Ah, ok, I stand corrected. In that case, in my scenario I would have nothing to fear.

I'm probably being a bit disingenuous: the implication is that if you're a believer, you're trying to be a good person.  I think it's necessary not just to believe, but to repent one's sins, which brings it all more into the realm of the reasonable. 

But...if there's proof then belief is not necessary. So how would god decide who's naughty or nice?

Of course, you're right.  We've already been shown that God exists. 

"how would god decide who's naughty or nice?

- as far as I can make out, the idea is that God has planted in human beings a universal moral sense.  Or perhaps the universe possesses this moral sense in some way.  The difficulty comes in deciding what qualifies to be included, and this comes in the form of the Bible.  In practice, it means "whatever Jesus said" plus "the bits of the Old Testament you agree with".  Which, as we all know, is sometimes a recipe for disaster. 

As an atheist I would try to make the determination of which god/gods specifically exist(s) and then proceed to discover what their actual expectations are, if any, in regard to we earthlings. If they exist but do not communicate with us then I probably would not change much of anything.

Hi there, this is not easy to answer, as there is ongoing interaction with an unknown type of wifi energy system on a regular basis which is part of the crop circle system which is non religious . My first interaction was over  two years ago working on different experiments to do with random frequency modulation etc. I was using the bent radiated crop grass packed around the laptop and running continuous slide shows of the crop grass in various positions. I also had a recorder set up to record any strange noises .Well running this system and making some alterations , The strange things activated on two nights of the month. The W I F I  activated several different type of sounds which are the actual energy carriers for our use.. The first time this happened was a very bad shock to the brain and  nerves . It was like a horror movie taking place,  this really shook me up , some things we cannot explain how this can happen.  


Earth to Captain Kingsway..... WTF....

Not everyone's as straightforward as you and me. 

It totally depends. If it was proven that the brand of God was the Christian one then I'd certainly put a whole lot of attention into finding out how reliable the scriptures were and I'd take the concept of eternal damnation seriously. Jesus's sacrafice and avoiding hell would be an obsessive though always on my mind. I'd still consider such a God a horrendous monster of an asshole, but I'd be pretty terrified of him and his laws and punishments that I'd not only believe in him and what he purportedly did but follow the rules as best I can. Isn't fear and submission what the religions of the book are all about. I'd be very afraid and I would submit.

If it was Thor the God of the Norse, then I guess I'd start thinking about what kind of warrior I wanted to be and what gang of thugs I'd join and how I would go about murdering people and framing my own sense of glory. I think my dating life would have to change. I wouldn't be afraid of Thor, I'd be afraid of not being valient enough.

If it was one of the Hindu Gods I'd probably give up and just create a shrine filled with as many Gods there are, half heartedly worship him and go about business as usual...highly disturbed that there is a God after all.


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