If you don't believe in God, can you say why in a single sentence or phrase?

For me it's two words...Birth Defects.

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Not in illogical nonsense 

I am an adult.

 I am both unconvinced by the supposed "evidence" for the existence of gods that any exist, and also convinced by the essence and arbitrariness of the universe, this earth, and humankind that no omnipotent, omniscient, omnibenevolent god could possibly exist. --Rocky's response

The universe that we observe has precisely the properties we should expect if there is, at bottom, no design, no purpose, no evil, no good, nothing but pitiless indifference.  --Richard Dawkins (1995)

Magic is not real.

I can't, or won't, suspend my disbelief for long enough to get brainwashed.

The total lack of evidence or even compelling arguments.

Human Arrogance.

The idea that there is a supernatural being who is even aware of us, or that humans are somehow above all of the other forms of life on this planet is beyond arrogance.

Lack of evidence.

Because of the stupid. It hurts.

Just want to throw this in as yet another reason for my atheism. I'm watching the news and they have this story of a driver who suffered a heart attack and died behind the wheel. The car crashes into a teen mom and her baby. Mother and baby were fine, minor scratches. When asked about her, and her baby's, good fortune she replies, "God was looking out for us."  I'm like, really? You think? Cause I would have thought he'd want to prevent it in the first place. But that's it in nutshell, "God was looking out for us".

And like I said, "The stupid… It hurts".

There is no credible evidence to support the notion of a god.

Far, far more likely we invented gods than the other way around.

15 million children, dying of malnutrition and other preventable diseases, in Africa and India...every year!


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