"If you don't accept Jesus as your savior, you're going to burn in Hell!"

You gotta love the irony of this rationale. Although, on the too-many times it's been yelled in my face, I wasn't able to really appreciate the subtleties. I was just trying to not react in a less than intelligent way, like say- laughing in their face. It's not always easy.
The speaker might as well have told me, "The Moon is made of chocolate, and its dripped all over their car!" All I can do is maybe hand them a napkin and go on about my business. 

If I don't see any truth in your story, or think your Jesus dude is anyone's 'savior', or that your God or any god created the sky or the dirt or did anything at any time, anywhere; why would I fear some horrible place you refer to as Hell? Why would I worry I'm going to wind up somewhere I don't think exists? 
If I worry about anything, it's that there are many young people who learn to argue about their 'beliefs' before their minds start to work. 

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I worry that people who yell things like that in my face may try to stab me in the heart.

Doug, it's the quiet crazies who may try to kill you.

About America's serial killers, surprised people say "They were so quiet and nice when they were kids."

Exactly!  I always wanted a bumper sticker that says: "Jesus is dead.  Still."  I have a very viable fear, however, that those good Christians who would take offense to such a bumper sticker may also suffer from "turn-the-other-cheek" road rage and try to gun me down on the roadways for my sarcasm.  

LOL.  I'm a Christian, and I would probably laugh in their face.  In fact, I confess that I have on occasion.

Some notions are just funny, and best not dignified with a serious response.  Laughter is good medicine for those a bit too full of themselves.

I mean no offense but how can you consider yourself a christian if you pick and choose what verses suit you the most and what doesn't suit just gets ignored. This kind of thinking puzzles me just wondering if you could clear it up for me.
Peace be the Journey

@Brendan, not all Christians are fundamentalists.  In fact, relatively few are.  Most of us, especially those of us from the older Catholic and Orthodox faiths, find fundamentalist Christians to be a bit odd and problematic.   We're the folks who wrote and compiled the Bible, after all.  We picked and chose what books and verses to include back then, and we still are learning and growing in our understanding.

Most of us, especially those of us from the older Catholic and Orthodox faiths, find fundamentalist Christians to be a bit odd and problematic.

Bullshit, Professor!

I watched as a child as the "older Catholic and Orthodox faiths" tore apart the Balkans in a bloody war after our communist (or as you would put "atheist state") government collapsed.

The "older" Catholics and Orthodox religions are the most fundamentalist of them all. I don't see moderate Jews screaming at little girls for dressing like "whores", or moderate Muslims throwing acid on women for not dressing like a fucking ninjas.

All Christian cults are fundamentalists. It is only a matter of the degrees from the most extreme views that makes some of them more “mainstream” than others. They all started out as a cult group or breakaway fringe group. Any group that insists that their church is the only true church and that believes in a supernatural master creator and eternal life as a reward for holding that belief can only be call a fundamentalist group. It is not the size that matters only what it core tenets are.

When I debate Muslims or Pentecostals or even some YEC types they all think that their views are normal and every other Church is false. Believe me the YEC’s really are fundamentalists (from Belfast) – they only talk to me because I am an Atheist – if I was a Catholic then not a chance. They think Roman Catholics are extreme fundamentalists and the Catholics think they are. I think  they are both right!!

You'll have to forgive me, @Reg.  What's a "YEC"?

Almost every modern idea started out as a breakaway fringe group.  Constitutional democracy.  Modern science.  Rock and Roll.    I'm not sure that's really an effective argument against any idea.

I also think you're mixing up "wrong" with "fundamentalist".  I'm using "fundamentalist" as a reference to the 20th century Protestant movement emphasizing Biblical literalism as fundamental to Christian teaching (and, by analogy, to other faiths that adopt a literalist stance as fundamental).

YEC = Young Earth Creationist.  It's the acronym used for those who believe evolution is a bunch of malarkey and that the earth is really only six thousand years old and that the story of Adam & Eve is a literal fact.

@ Robert - Yes, as Strega says. They are so certain that the world is less than 10,000 years old. I will leave it at that for now as it is very late here. Stupid round Earth!! If only it was flat then we would have only one time zone.

If people can believe that, they might as well believe that the world was created last Thursday, God having implanted in our minds false memories of our life up till then.


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