If you died today where would you go? If you don't know, you might want to think about my first comment.

Thanks for your reply
Bill Savard

Oh, I know. In fact the answer is so obvious that some people will buy into the craziest beliefs you've ever heard just to avoid this obvious answer.

The answer? Nowhere. You go nowhere Bill.

You know how it is that you didn't exist on planet earth before you were born? Well, that's the same place you'll go when you die too. I know that you're not gonna want to let go of that "eternal paradise" you think you got comin' but nothing makes more sense than "the end is the end."

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hahaha nice one doone!
I always find it hilarious when people find it absurd when I tell them that I believe we go nowhere when we die. However, they believe we fly up into the heavens and see all our dead friends and play the harp all damned day long.

There is a book called "You Are Worthless" it's a really funny book and the author attacks a lot of religions and he attacks the views of the "afterlife".

He writes,

"Here's what happens when you die: The blood stops flowing into your brain, and you have a few, last flickering thoughts, then you stop thinking altogether. The synapses in your brain stop firing, and your personality and thoughts cease to exist. Then your body decays. Grubs and boll weevils burrow into your head. Worms crawl in and out of your eye sockets. Maggots feed on your brain.
Oh, wait. I'm getting it all wrong. Actually, you go to a country club-type place and hang out with Jesus, Mark Twain, and all your long-lost relatives. What was I thinking?"

Couldn't have said it better myself.
When I die I'm going to Jupiter!
I would go in a hole. They would throw dirt on an overpriced coffin and that would be that.

Of course I honestly never really saw the how wonder of going to heaven, you do realize that you will have to kiss some guys butt until the end of time right? That is basically what heaven amounts to, worshipping your god until he tires of you. At which point he would probably just send you to hell.
HA! You're so right, Rayven. Dude... all Heaven is is a big worship-fest of doom. I mean, I got uber bored during church when I was young; can you imagine having to do that for eternity? I don't know about you guys, but I have a pretty short attention span. LOL... my teachers were always like, "Earth to Cara! Pay attention!!!" and I'd give 'em a blank stare while trying to gather my faculties. I'm pretty positive that, after a few thousand of these mental lapses in Heaven, God would send me to detention (i.e. Hell).

"Heaven to Cara! Continue worshiping or else!"
Yay for being good for fear of eternal damnation!
Ill probably go into a really hot, fiery furnace. Then I'll go into some small container and then I'll be spread.... I don't know where! I don't know where I want my ashes spread! Oh no! I need to go back to your first comment "If you died today where would you go?" wait that's not a comment! That's a question and I'm right back where I started! Bill Savard you have gotted me, all I know for sure is that I'm going into a hot, fiery furnace.
Umm, that eternal paradise? Do I have to go there with the people that like to FUCK UP MY SISSY ASS...cause I think I'll pass on that one ;P


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