lets pretend (for humor's sake) that god exists, then im going to go with "Yes"

why else would his son turn water into wine? or why else would he create a cloud of alcohol in space 463 billion kilometers long containing enough alcohol to make 400 trillion trillion pints of beer? haha LOL


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Hmm, I'm finding references to space vodka as far back as at least 1985. 

"Twenty five years ago, astronomers thought the interstellar medium within our galaxy consisted of single atoms. But using radio telescopes and detectors sensitive to radiation emitted by molecules, "they found that 10 to 50 percent of the gas in our galaxy is molecular -- atoms stuck together -- and that it tends to cluster in giant clouds. About 99 percent of this gas is molecular hydrogen... but at least 53 other molecules have been detected, including ethyl alcohol, or vodka. The clouds of gas near the center of our galaxy contain enough vodka to fill more than 10,000 goblets the size of earth." [Heinz Pagels, Perfect Symmetry]

RE: "The clouds of gas near the center of our galaxy contain enough vodka to fill more than 10,000 goblets the size of earth."

But what will I do for NEXT weekend?

People who lived when Jesus would have did drink wine or other fermented drinks more often than water, not just because it was fun to get drunk (in fact, it was about as culturally frowned on to be "a drunk" as it is today), but because the alcohol in the wine allowed for the drink to be less likely to poison you with bacteria, like water would. Usually people (even kids) would drink a mixture of wine and water, which was not enough to get them really drunk throughout the course of a meal.

True that.  As much fluid as I drink just to remain hydrated though, I'd probably have become alcoholic back in those days, in spite of the dilution.

If I found myself back then somehow with my current knowledge I'd boil a lot of water.

The cloud of alcohol in space is clearly intended as bait for the alcoholics among us, so doG wants us to learn interstellar travel as well.

@Emily - Italian and French kids still drink a touch of vino with water with their meals.

I am sure a lot of christians certainly thought Jesus gave his approval. Monks are some of the best producers of liqueurs and beers.

The Vatican would have the best alcohol in the world, with catholic priests and brothers a close second.

Speaking of god's existence (See what I did there? Now no one can say I'm hijacking the thread!), Marvel posted this yesterday on the TA's Egyptian Atheist page:

You're hijacking the thread.

(You meant to say no one can truthfully say you are hijacking the thread.)

Actually, I didn't - a TRULY truthful person would see past my thinly-disguised ruse and say I'm hijacking the thread, fortunately, there aren't too many of those around --

(Listening to the news as I write this - a local minister was just arrested for trying to get a minor girl to take off all her clothes - baptism?)

Fortunately for me, some people would rather be kind, than brutally honest.

If a god exist than I would have to assume that it is evil and likes to torture us. I don't know about the rest of you but I have had several times in my life when I was down and repeatedly kicked both figuratively and literally. The evidence suggest that if there is a deity it hates us all. In particular he hates children of low income in third world countries. So if it hates us than why grant us the pleasure of drinking the sweet sweet goodness of mind numbing problem suspending instant gratification of alcohol. This hypothetical deity of ours would not grant us that mercy oh no it says it's bad and not to touch yourself even if you have morning wood your just suppose to think of old white trash meth head ladies till it goes away.(unless that's what your into in which case you got problems that might grant you the mercy of this hypothetical god) I say this hypo god put alcohol on earth to tempt us into further torture by creating the hang over and then teasing us with a sip of the stuff made with his blood on Sundays.

En vino veritas.... in wine there is truth. Know wine....know gawd. No wine... you're a miserable SOB.


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