I've been listening to Xian music recently. Just for fun

Have any of you guys found a time in your life where you wanted to go through common religious traditions just to see what it's like, what the hype is all about, or just for a good laugh? 

For instance, I have started listening to Xian music and laughing so loudly at how bad and cheesy it is. 

I also go to church with my gf on occassion out of respect for her and in order to appease her mother. I enjoy church though because it's like watching a scary movie. She's catholic btw. 

Uhm.. a little while ago I read a bit of the bible, only made it to where like God murdered that entire city because the citizens wanted to rape the angels. It was like page 60 or something. 

Do any of you do this?

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Well just today I watched a documentary of how is possible that Jesus was actually a Buddhist monk, and that would explain some inconsistencies in the bible account. It made less sense than the "traditional" view of Jesus life, and it was actually quite funny and entertaining.


Where did you watch it, Netflix?


On youtube, here is the link ..

Thank you


Interesting documentary. You should post it in the Video section.

Video posted in the video section :)

For many years I was one of those holier-than-thou types of Christians who refused to listen to secular music.  DC Talk, Newsboys, Audio Adrenaline, Skillet, and The Insyderz were my favorites. I recently listened to some of it again on a whim, and for the nostalgia. Don't see how I listened to it before. The music isn't necessarily bad, but the lyrics... ugh!

Ditto this.


Five Iron Frenzy, Spoken, project 85, Petra, White Cross, White Heart, Degarmo and Key, and the best of all....... Carmen!

I find Gregorian chant to be very calming.


I haven't attended a religious service of any kind since my deconversion. I did stumble on to the Christian radio station a while back. Same songs they were playing ten years ago. I never did really get into Christian music. Third Day was decent, but the rest you could keep. 


I was thinking about going to a Christian Church service some Sunday, just to see what it looks like through the eyes of an outsider. Haven't done it yet, though. 


I do kind of miss _ritual_, though. Maybe it's a subconscious comfort thing, but I love ritual. Having a certain something to do every day, every week, or even doing certain things in a specific order. If I ever had to pick a religion again, it'd definitely be Wicca, for just that reason. 

Going to church as an outsider is actually quite shocking an event to witness. All the masses blindly following a single book containing NO facts. Very scary. And you look around and see the uninterested and you snicker to yourself, "I could convert you easily." I suggest going. 

What about Jewish Orthidox? Talk about rituals...


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