I need advice about my sister....where to begin....I don't think I have the emotional energy to rehash the story. So just take what I say at face value and trust my conclusions. I need to find a way to support her until she can get the supports she needs in place. She has made TREMENDOUS progress but it will all come crashing down if I don't help her find solutions fast.

I need help. What are some resources to help mentally ill drug addicts get into housing and get income?

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I honestly think the church is your best option.  This is what's kept a friend of mine going all this time.  They've been exceptionally generous to her.  It helps that she's very charismatic and tries to help herself.  She has a personal friendship with one of the church people, and the help comes through her. 

Thanks to - in the church, my friend is now staying away from drugs and crime.  It helps that we get free health care in the UK. 

I guess you're one of the resources, an emotional and social one. She knows you're rooting for her yes? Just something like that might come a long way.


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