It takes a village to raise a child...

I need a village. I do not have family to speak of to help's just me, raising a son that is getting more aggressive by the day. What will happen when he's stronger than me? He already hits me and kicks me in violent rages. There is no grandmother or auntie, or uncle to correct him and help me with him. His dad has as little to do with him as possible, and doesn't really care much.

How do you raise a healthy freethinker...alone?

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Do you think that he reacts to your behaviour?  If you're strong and in control, he doesn't feel a need to act up.  It's just a suggestion.  I don't mean to press all your mom-guilt buttons. 

Like you say, feeling strong and in control is helped by reaching out to others, and such is the human condition.  I love the lines from Younger than Springtime (South Pacific):  "I touch your hands And my heart grows strong, Like a pair of birds That burst with song."

CAP is also a great program.  Good people, and a marvelous introduction to the world of aviation and aero-engineering and science.   Thanks for volunteering, @Melvinotis.

When I was a kid, I used to hit my sister. My dad had a serious talk to me about controlling my anger. That helped my development. 

I forgot how young he is, and I would worry more later if he doesn't get better. I can't remember if/when you've moved household, but that could be a short term stress on both of you.


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