Yes I'm not an atheist, I'm a Christian and I came here to debate.
Does anyone see any faults with Christianity?
This seems like a very logical good ste and I'm exited to talk with you all.

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Typical, non-answer with a question. Why do they always do that? Why can't they answer the question?

Always answer with a non sequitur. It seems to be a way to obscure the question. I've yet to see someone answer with anything but an obscuring question.

Evolution is a fact. You have been completely misinformed. You do not understand the Theory but I suppose you have been prevented from studying it. Then again Dr. Ben Carson still can’t find any of those transitional fossils.

The Fine Tuning argument debunked

no... its actually still a theory

thats why you hear people call it the evolutionary theory

You are showing yourself to have no understanding of Science.

says the atheist who calls his route theory a fact

Says the (Child?) who doesn't know what the word "theory" means, in science, which, is the context here.

Are you a kid?


i was responding to someone who called evolution a fact.  (context)

being young has nothing to do with my arguments so lets keep them separate.


You seem to be misunderstanding the use of the word "theory" here. It is not equivalent to an educated guess or a hypothesis. It is an overarching explanation of natural phenomenon. Well, that's the best definition I have for it, at least.

Evolution is a theory is the same way that they germ theory of disease is a theory. We don't still think that bacteria and viruses are symptoms of disease instead of the cause. Nor do we think that it is a case of "bad air" that causes people to get ill. We no longer treat illness with blood lettings. Instead we treat with antibiotics, anti-virals, and vaccines, because we have learned enough about biology that we know that if someone has an illness, it is caused by microorganisms that are spreading out of control. By knowing this, we can find effective and specific treatments for different diseases. But the germ theory of disease is still a theory. It's the best overall explanation, but being a theory doesn't make it less true and it doesn't make the knowledge that lead to the theory somehow rendered obsolete or false.

The theory of evolution is much the same way. It is the explanation for the incredible extant of biodiversity that we see in the world and in the fossil record made possible by selection pressures on populations of animals with slightly varying genetic lineages. It's the best explanation we have, and there is an enormous amount of information to conclude that it's basic principles are sound.

i can completely agree with that, but my response was to someone who called evolution a fact (which you and me know is untrue)

I said Evolution is a fact. It is 100% proven. The only people who disagree are Bible and Quran literalists. We humans share a common ancestry with other primates. We evolved to become the species we are today from earlier "forms". We did not appear overnight (or on any one particular day) looking like we do today. The Theory of Evolution is a fact. The problem is you have never had the chance to study it properly. It is not a matter of belief but one of knowledge and understanding.

no, its still a theory. 

why do you think its still called a theory if its demonstratively true?

but, there are certain parts of evolution that i can get in bed with.

wait, did he not mean that evolution is a theory, but rather ment it in some other way?

i think im confused, sorry

any way, spontaneous generation has no good foundations.

but i actually dont disagree with evolution, it dosent oppose the bible.

if its ok could somone break this down for me? TJ was right, im letting my age show.

again, my bad.


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