Early on, I never thought I'd have to make a choice like this. And don't get me wrong: when it comes to the presidential level, I ALWAYS vote Democrat. 

However, between the three front-runners of Trump, Cruz, and Rubio, I'll take Trump because I think his "Christianity" is feigned whereas the other two are fundamentalist Christians who will justify Oval Office decisions with Bible passages and end of days beliefs.

What do you think?

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I have a feeling Cruz is more moderate than he appears in the primaries.

You haven't been following Cruz's career in the Senate the past couple years, I guess. He's very extreme and dogmatic in his views.

I wasn't going to say anything, but Unseen's right, and you're partly right. You're right that Cruz is exceptionally bright, but the scary part is he righteously believes what he's saying. (Like Huckabee.)

It's Bible Belt Hemorrhagic Fever.

Trump will never be POTUS. Americans won't allow it to happen.

I agree. He has a talent for making it into the news by generating outrages on almost a daily basis which may make foreigners (and his stupid followers) think he is somehow a viable candidate, but he has no chance in a general election. 

And today he may have gone over the line. When asked if he'd accept support from the KKK, his reply was basically that he'd have to look into them first. Like he doesn't know that the KKK is a racist terrorist organization.

Jesus mary joseph the jackass and the donkey, did he really? He parades his ignorance like a badge of honor. Either way he is in no win territory with that one. Either he is sympathetic with them or not hostile. Or he is even more ignorant than we can possibly fathom in which case he is not qualified to be president. I did notice that he seemed unaware of the existence of Great Wall of China which is pretty wild.

The important thing is that a peacefull change of government based on elections occurs- no matter how crazy it seems to get. No dictator must be overthrown, no wars must be had and no monarch must die.

The world lost the recipe for thousands of years and the founding Americans brought it back, not just in books but in practice, no matter how imperfect. I often take that for granted, it's easy after almost 2 and a half centuries but every once in a while I remember to wonder at the genius of the founders.

I guess democratic Europe owes its existence to the example of the USA. France's revolution inspired the American revolution, but even they had to dispose of a king.

Of course, the advantage that made a big difference is that North America was an ocean and thousands of miles away. We basically gave the king the finger and there wasn't a whole lot he could do about it. Otherwise, if he'd been here, maybe we'd have strung him up. Who knows?

You sorta got the French/American revolutions backwards. America went first, however the French did support the American war with the British.


Been away from a history class by about fifty years. You're right of course. You're also right that the French and American revolutions were intertwined in various ways as we both had beefs with the British and with our kings.

I'll take that bet.  what say $20.00?

They elected George Bush twice! Don't be too sure

Every election one side of the other claims they'll move to Canada/Mexico if a certain candidate wins. Seattle folk would move to Vancouver if Bush won, Dallas folk would move to El Paso if Obama got his second term. I believe it was more often democrats jokingly saying they would head north (to their slightly idealised image of Canada)  if republican president was elected.

However I cannot remember this being followed up with research into specific towns to live in, open job offers and immigration proceedures etc.

Vice has an article on the topic worth reading.

And yes...that image is from Cape Breton, Nova Scotia


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