Early on, I never thought I'd have to make a choice like this. And don't get me wrong: when it comes to the presidential level, I ALWAYS vote Democrat. 

However, between the three front-runners of Trump, Cruz, and Rubio, I'll take Trump because I think his "Christianity" is feigned whereas the other two are fundamentalist Christians who will justify Oval Office decisions with Bible passages and end of days beliefs.

What do you think?

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"but whatever happens I wish you all the luck in the world, you are going to need it."

Judith you best hang on to all the luck you got, if Trump or Clinton is our next President you will need it more then us Mericans.

That would be funny if it wasn't so close to the truth. :(

I doubt Europe will be at the bad end of Trump's temper tantrums. I'd imagine it will be the Middle East, India, China, Cuba, Venezuela, the tiny country of Vanuatu (for no particular reason), the enviroment, the moon, the remaining clean border rivers and lakes with Canada, Madagascar (for so many reasons right?) and Shakespeare. Look out Shakespeare.

I do believe though...if Trump wins...that Europe will suffer the new building of dozens of golf courses on pristine protected land and will see the proliferation of money losing towers and skyscrapers...as well as terrible reality TV.

So...in fact...you are right. Nobody is safe! Arrrrggghhhh!!!!

I've been trying the Ostrich approach but I keep chocking on the sand. :(

Hope you are equally open and critical of Europe. What a storied history!  Belgians in the congo. English everywhere. Slave trade. Imperialism. Crusades. Inquisition. First world war. Divine right monarchy of inbreds. Persecution of Jews and Gypsies. Suck ups and sympathizers of nazism. Armenian genocide. Bosnian genocide. Christianity as puissant then is Islam is now and just as degenerate. Pogroms. And now moral relativism. That is clever. Murica ha?

Everything is true but the moral relativism. I don't know what the hell you're talking about there. Could you explain that?

Messed up s**t happens all the time on both sides of the Atlantic. Thing is...all eyes are on the U.S. because of a nut case candidate to become president...supported by millions of people.

Has that happened in Europe? Yeah...of course Hitler, Mousilini and Franco. Has it happened recently? Yeah...Berlesconi was just as idiotic as Trump is now...not that long ago. Austria and the Netherlands have seen some hard core opposition leaders...spreading hate and stupidity.

However...that's not happening in Europe now...it's in the US. So get use to the fact that the whole world is laughing and rolling their eyes and flabberghasted in disbelief. You can laugh at us next time some stooge buffon is in good contention here (assuming some American journalists even notice).


"...supported by millions of people."

Well yea, but they're not real people...they're Mericans a special bred of Great Ape. :D

"Messed up s**t happens all the time on both sides of the Atlantic."

Not in Merica...all our shit is well planned and executed with hawk-like precision. :)

wrong terminology...cultural relativism..in my view it is a mistake to be receptive to cultures which advance values inimical to modernity

It is at once discombobulating and amusing watching him and seeing his support. And there is no way to deflect on how it reflects on a goodly percentage of Americans.

Oh jake I absolutely can and often do but its not as much fun, Europeans just say "yeah, your right, mea culpa" and do not get all flag wrapping silly patriotic about it. America is much more fun to toy with - you see I think most americans do actually get how pyschopathic their nation has become and it hurts them, then a smart arse like me comes along and rubs it in...................

Also i really do not have enough free hours in the day to do that much writing !

You know, that's funny... the first time I read your comment, I wasn't separating in my mind the difference you're trying to point out between Europe (now EU, eh?) vs Merica. (I didn't even get what "Murica" means, at first.) It just seems that Muericans are so much from the same stock as Europeans... like, especially the white ones.

I was afraid that Arnold Schwartzenmisspelleneger (Austrian, right?) was a step down for California, but was later surprised how positive he turned out for the state. Despite his embarrassing exercise of male privilege while in office, as it were, and despite the fact that he's now back to playing Terminator for Hollywood. But Trump is really playing us, and his cult following has been unstoppable, too. It's scary, even for us normal people who distrust politics-as-usual.

Arnold Schwartzenmisspelleneger

LOL...I laughed so hard I think I spit up tomorrow's lunch

That's funny and I don't care who you are. :D

I think the reason Trump is so popular is that he's independently wealthy... so people think he's not going to take bribes for his political favours... What people who think this fail to realise is that rather than taking bribes from other people, he will have the power to do ALL the things he would normally be bribing a politician for. Like normally he might give a politician a campaign donation in exchange for a new tax loophole.... If he becomes president, he has no need to bribe himself for that sort of thing, he can just do it.

I have a feeling Cruz is more moderate than he appears in the primaries. He's too smart to actually believe the rhetoric he spews so I have to conclude that it's all a show for the primaries (we already know the primaries bring out the uber-conservative in the candidates).

At the end of the day, I'd be happy with an Australian staying in office for a full term here in Australia... seems they get elected AND THEN people realise they are dumb as a plank and as useful as shit smeared toilet paper. You American's can do what you like... personally, I'd probably vote for Bernie.


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