Early on, I never thought I'd have to make a choice like this. And don't get me wrong: when it comes to the presidential level, I ALWAYS vote Democrat. 

However, between the three front-runners of Trump, Cruz, and Rubio, I'll take Trump because I think his "Christianity" is feigned whereas the other two are fundamentalist Christians who will justify Oval Office decisions with Bible passages and end of days beliefs.

What do you think?

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The image was the trump quote. I'm european born, educated and ten years living in the ultimate bankrupt Mediterranean country (Spain). I've had endless discussions with many users on gun rights, muslim immigration, the EU project, facism, religion, the socialist/welfare state, stupid American politicians, europeans who pretend there are no stupid european politicians, the Brexit, extremely anti-cultural relativism etc. Can't remember ever having disagreed with a thing you've ever said. LOL

@Judith, now I do not feel so bad, You are not the only one who has taken Davis seriously only to realize he is dddrrriiippppiiiinnnnnggggg in sarcasm and actually agreeing with you, and likely just as if not more knowledgable on the subject...

If Davis speaks, and he seems like he's taking the "other side" (for lack of a better word) then he is being sarcastic. I've just memorized that about him, lol

I want to get the hell out of this country...

Anyone want to marry me and help me get legal in Europe? Latin America? I already did my part by getting a Mexican legal here...what goes around comes around karma has to be real because i say it is real! Lol..

Get me the fuck out of this godforsaken land.

I will become an American refugee if I have to.


"I will become an American refugee if I have to."

Drive North..it's called Canada and you can get in with just a drivers license.  :)

What the fuck am I gonna do in Canada? Lol...

@Belle - Do you like beer? maple syrup?

Belle...do you like waking up one hour early in the morning...taking your hairdryer outside and running it around the crevice of the car door until it unfreezes enough to rip open...and then turn the car on so it warms up enough to drive well. Then...take out a shovel and carve out two tracks for each tire...and then finally take off work work driving 10km/p/h until you reach the hiway (where there is no ice...hopefully) and then park your car and walk 10 minutes in -20ºC weather...stepping in dirty slush. And then go directly home after work and camp inside firing up the heating to a toasty temperature...not going out unless you really must (forgot milk...lol...I'm not going out). Then go to bed earlier so you can wake up at 5 in the morning to start the whole routine again. Oh? What is that? The entire neighbourhood has frozen over!? Yeay! Day off work (and they even have to pay you). It's too dagerous to drive. News reports of terrible car crashes come in. Then reports of ice bearing trees crash over and destroy a few homes and cars. Glad its not your neighborhood! Oh look...the power went off. Guess one of those trees knocked out the electricity.

Walk around until you find a neighbor who does have electricity and then run an extension cord (20 extension cords all bound with electrical tape where they meet) to their house (along with 20 other neighbors).

Then wake up the next day at 4.30 (because you have to make up for the work you lost the day before). And start again.

Those were my lovely days in Canada. Oh how I miss it

@Davis - That may be Central and Eastern Canada. It doesn't describe southwestern Canada. Life isn't like that in Vancouver BC.


That was a description of life for 90 percent of Canadians. Five percent have it much worse (Edmonton, Yukon) and 5 percent have it okay (Vancouver, Victoria, Okenogin).

Thing is...if you want to by a rickety very ordinary house in a suburb of Vancouver...expect to pay over a million dollars. You trade the lack of frozen weather...for a life where all your income goes to rent. No wonder well over half the population smokes up at least once a year. Nice Chinese food though. It also rains a whole lot...so even though there's at worst one day of snow a year...you won't exactly be seeing much sun.

Victoria is the only place I know that is a bit of a compromise (a little cheaper, no snow) but then...an extremely boring lethargic place that is.

If war broke out and I had to run to Canada...I'd probably pick Vancouver for the winters...and montreal for the summers...renting for the rest of my life.

At least there is free healthcare, subsidized universities and a notable absence of violence and handguns.

Don't forget the Nanaimo-bars


and beaver tails

@Davis Goodman - 

Where did you get the idea that Vancouver is relatively crime free? 

Vancouver crime among worst in North America

extremely anti-cultural relativism

OK, OK, I'm working on it!

Pope...from what I've seen you say and do...I don't for a minute think you are a cultural relativist. Cultural relativism is an extreme view.

At most...you have had one or two moments of moral-relativism (that is...apologizing for some horrific things one culture does because somehow a moral rule doesn't matter once you cross some undefined border no one is able to objectively demarcate). I noticed that most with the discussion on chopping off little girls vaginas...maybe there was another time..when you sort of didn't believe that muslims did horrific things to other muslims before ISIS illustrated it well with their youtube videos of horror.

But you couldn't be called a moral-relativist even if you wanted to because I've read things you have written which denounce terrorism and suicide bombs as well as the execution and butchering of apostates in Saudi Arabia and Bangladesh and from what I can remember...a sweeping judgement of ISIS and extremism in Syria.

Why suicide bombings and ISIS throwing homosexuals off of buildings fall out of the cultural relativist sphere are fair game for criticism while the chopping off a screaming little girl's entire vagina is protected from our "moralising" (no...don't judge that...it's just what adults there do)...I don't know. But that's about the only time I've seen you be relativist (maybe one more). So no...not a moral relativist.

In any case...haven't you agreed with Simon a dozen times on how life (if there is any meaning) is directed towards flourishing and bettering yourself? Wouldn't you say chopping off vaginas isn't a particularly great path towards flourishing and becoming a better person?

Trying to keep this short, I'll skip a couple or so of your points.

while the chopping off a screaming little girl's entire vagina is protected from our "moralising

That's most certainly a mischaracterisation of anything I've said, unless I said what I meant so poorly. Even where you keep recanting the phrase "chopping off vaginas", the implication of that phrase jumps the shark wrt what I'm talking about. You needn't sound so desperate to make your point!

.haven't you agreed with Simon a dozen times on how life (if there is any meaning) is directed towards flourishing and bettering yourself?

Actually I never directly agreed with that phrasing, and in fact think their's probably a better way to say it, but I haven't yet figured out what to recommend. Flourishing isn't so much of a force as it is an epiphenomenon of a combination of other underlying evolutionary phenomena. In any case, to the point I think you're trying to make, I've just addressed that in my previous paragraph.

What I need to work on now (which will take more time) is to accommodate somehow for the different ways you and I use the term cultural relativism. I'm locked into the definition of it in my cultural anthropology textbook, and I need to study more the context you employ the phrase in <-- [dangling preposition or whatever it is notwithstanding].


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