So my younger sister happens to be Catholic, she is 8 years old and goes to a catholic school. I really don't know what to tell her I mean she is a sweetheart and is always looking out for me and my other sister but she keep asking me questions about Jesus and where he is and about the Eucharist and she gets really happy when Jesus is brought up at the dinner table.

It's almost as she is obsessed with Jesus. The other day she asked me why I don't go to church, I told her "Well I mean I don't really believe in God or Jesus", she said "Why not? You're going to hell if you don't believe" this made my mouth drop. I couldn't believe my sister would say that, I'm not sure if this is the kind of stuff they teach her at her school, if so this is child abuse. Fear mongering and threatening children with hell if they don't believe.

After I told her this she has brought up God more often and is really starting to get annoying and I as a 16 year old can't tell her God doesn't exist because I want her to think for herself but I don't know what to tell her. My other sister whom is 12 is agnostic, she was a moderate Catholic but became agnostic 3 months ago when she asked me about my opinion of God and religion. I explained the whole thing to her and looked into her faith and eventually became agnostic after realizing for herself (with my help) that the belief in a god(Judeo-Christian sense) isn't rational. Keep in mind I'm not the type of atheist to tell people that God isn't real but to have them think for themselves and evaluate the evidence and decide for themselves, but if they still come to believe to not go out and tell people to believe in their god.

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I'd modify that response, as that's essentially what the theists do to children.

It closes down the thought process with an admonition from authority.

It discourages thinking.

Arguing, if done properly, is a productive process. 

Its better, in my experience with kids, to allow them to discuss religion openly and intellectually.

Think about indoctrination.

In school, they are taught that Columbus discovered America.  You might know that Vikings were here centuries before Columbus, and argue that the native Americans who GREETED the Vikings AND Columbus, seemed to have gotten there before either of them...and why don't they count?

Now imagine the kid comes home from school having just LEARNED about Columbus and the catchy 1492 jingle, etc...and you are telling her that's WRONG.

Who is she going to BELIEVE?  You? or Her Teacher?

Both are authority figures, and, its a pissing contest at that point w/o evidence.

Same with religion, only more so. 

You need to plant the seeds of logic.  Kids SUCK at logic, and easily fall for fallacious arguments...and sometimes simply cannot understand WHY a fallacy is a fallacy...their brains do not develop abstract thoughts well yet.

Teaching how to THINK is crucial.  Its WHY the fruit of knowledge and right and wrong was so dangerous to the church.

Arguments have to be calm on your part at least.  When voices are raised and it becomes about being right/wrong...thought freezes.

Your part is the calm presentation of facts that support your case...preferably in direct line with her objections.


If the questioner asks a good question, go over WHY it was good, and, where it leads.

If its a bad question, go over why the question itself has problems, specifically, and suggest what might be asked instead to modify it to get at what was really in question, etc.

An angry CHILD should not result in an angry adult...patience and tolerance is needed, and avoiding it being an adversarial relationship.

You don't prove them wrong, you guide them to the truth, lovingly teaching them how to use their noodle to find it.



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