I predicted with great accuracy what would happen....If Trump became the nominee he would be President....

Now I am predicting that I need to get the hell out of the United States. No joke. I have been saying for over a year now I want the fuck OUT!!

We ARE going to war, like, soon....I'm fucking scared....Call me crazy if you want. But I KNOW I'm right!!!!!!!

Please someone get us out of here.

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Sigh....where do I begin....you are so blind to what is happening Jake and in denial and frankly out of touch with what is happening already in Hispanic communities and how we ARE on the brink of war....I will write more when I'm at a computer and can type good.
Part of the problem IS that - no one is really in touch with what is happening RIGHT BEFORE OUR EYES!!!! Although I was pleased to see John McCain sort of call it what it was yesterday but then he back peddled..which did no good really....

Belle, i think you are wise to assume that USA is not immune to or from the forces of history.  Maybe you are privy to something i am not. IDK.  And I don't deny that Trump, were he to have his way would be a dictator.  But I don't think he will succeed and i don't think there will be systematic persecution of any of our citizens. Impeachment of Trump is a good possibility though.


But I don't think he will succeed and i don't think there will be systematic persecution of any of our citizens.

Jake it is ALREADY HAPPENING!!!!!!!!! And it has already happened...everyone said before the election "I don't think he will succeed..." it is THAT attitude that has found us here. No one wants to take him at face value.

Impeachment of Trump....,don't hold your breath - MAYBE - the problem is no one has the balls to stand up to him.

I remember the first time I had a pen pal, it was in 1995. There were hostilities between the US and Iraq. The US was maintaining a no fly zone and threatening more sanctions etc. My pen-pal, from West Virginia...wrote most days with intense fear. She believed the Iraqis were coming to invade America or lop dangerous bombs at the country. Forget the fact that there was no war of anykind but just the U.S. patrolling a no fly zone (that had existed for years). There was nothing I could say to diminish her nervous stress. There hasn't been war on US soil since WWII.

Yeah well what about a sneak invasion...

Iraqis planes or ships coulnd't possibly make it to America without being blown up thousands of miles from the coast. 

Yeah but their bombs...

Iraq would need to have missle silos somewhere in Canada or Mexico or Puerto Rico to be able to lob bombs at West Virginia. Iraq does not have missle silos there....or anywhere in the Americas...or anywhere outside of Iraq...which is thousands of miles away.

Yeah but my father is scared and he knows what he's talking about...

So what are you going to do?

We have safety provisions. We don't have an emergency shelter but we have what we need to protect ourselff... [red flags with alarm bells woven into the fabric go off] 


At this point (this was after days of these stupid conversations) I told her I didn't want to talk about the topic ever again...could we please chat about other things?


We chatted about other things that teenagers chat about for a week and then she brought up her fear once again.

I know you don't want to talk about this but I'm so scared!...

I ignored it and asked her if she had listened to an Oasis song yet.

We lost touch.


I'm almost positive that she is, wherever she is now, totally panicking about some diabolical invasion force coming to attack the US

Yeah well think what you want to think Davis. You'll see. No one believed me before and no one believes me now. There's evidence all over TA that I predicted what would happen with Donald Trump to a T. If you want to call me paranoid - go ahead. But just remember - My family has already been disrupted/deported and deeply affected by his administration. And the writing is on the wall with a real clusterfuck of a war...it's just that people are either too stupid to read it properly. Too many people have still allowed themselves to believe the notion that the US is invincible...There are SO many things happening right now that's going unchecked and getting blown over...........if there were some accountability that would give me some comfort but there's not...Zero. None...

You'll see.

Being right about an election that had a roughly 50/50 outcome means you would be right about half the time. That is not exceptional. Predicting that WW3 will happen in the next four years...I'm sure approaches something like 1000-1. Probabpy a lot more.

Sorry...but im not going to bank the reliability of a speculatuve claim of a world war...based on the weight of a coin flip prediction. Thousands of confident americans, in an eternal media driven state of hysterical panic, have claimed year after year it would happen. Theyve been wrong 80 years in a row. Considering there were a couple of these previous years where there may have been a small reason to be fearful...did not end in the world blowing up...youll have to provide much better evidence than your instinct for getting things right.

What makes World War more likely now than say...the year of the cuban missle crisis? What evidence do you have?


"What makes World War more likely now than say...the year of the Cuban missile crisis? What evidence do you have?"

I remember living thru that, it was a scary time. 

I look at the current Chinese activity in the South China Sea as a similar set of circumstance.

That could easily lead to a starting point for WWIII.

I'm thinking Southern Argentina might be a good place to hid out.  Of course clean air, water and food will be a big concern.

On a scale of 0 - 100, 100 being absolute pure certainty and 0 being absolutely no clue...how certain are you?

Who do you think we would go to war with? I personally think that a war is unlikely at this point. Mattis wouldn't allow the armed forces to mobilize without good reason. We currently have no foreign policy. Short of China invading Japan or Russia invading Europe (which would call up our aid by international treaty), there's no set policy let alone any type of agreement for a response to an international incident that would allow for an all out war with another country. The people who would formulate some sort of response, the National Security Council, is in such disarray that no response would materialize. Case in point: North Korea just tested a new missile. There was no new talk of sanctions, or any of Trump's usual strongman rhetoric. He barely made a peep. Behind all his bluster, his philosophy tends to be "leave me alone and I'll leave you alone," ... because deep down he's a huge coward and hopes no one else will find out.

I mostly agree, but wonder if Trump's unpredictability might have a positive effect on the North Korean threat. China *finally* stepped in to sanction them. They're a country that actually needs regime change, and China may be the only country with enough power and influence to affect a change without resorting to nuclear options. Trump seems to be pressuring them to take more responsibility, and has "crazy" wild card power at the moment--whatever that could be, who knows, while NK leadership could be imploding.

Trump may be a coward, but he's still a powerful man that's presently mostly unpredictable.



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