Hi I am newly discovering a name for what I believe or better yet not believe. I just wanted to know if anyone is having the same doubts as I. I just am at odds with knowing what the meaning of life is. what is there to look forward too. I have a small obsession with things like apocalypse scenarios. Just wondering if someone could just give some thoughts. I so far have really like this site and hope to make some new friends. There is noone to talk to about any of my beliefs. Husband is Catholic. Parents are Christian and never talk to coworkers about religion or politics. I am at odds with myself right now!

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I agree with Andy. On an evolutionary scale, I would say the meaning of life is to procreate and pass on one's genes. If you study darwinism, it's a species struggle to survive and we are nothing more than glorified apes. We try to survive, we try to allow our young ones to flourish. In my eyes, the meaning of life is sex and procreation, carrying on the species. 

Thank you Andy and Keath, I did expect a bit your responses and I appreciate. Knowing how others think about that question helps me cope. I feel like I am waiting on this one big change to happen in the world to open the eyes of everyone to the crap of religion. My mother thinks I will be that person on the tallest tower holding a sign saying "we come in peace" and she says she actually is sad that I will go to hell when I die. Because it will be the wrath of god coming not the aliens. To me Aliens are the better bet against GOD. I think we are destroying the world, new talks about nukes in Islam. Crap best advice a coworker told me was to run towards the light not away. A fast death is better than the slow deterioration of radiation poisoning. That is much of what I think about my mother believing so blindly in Christianity. Wow I am only 26 and there are so many questions. Thank you all for this site and the answers I have been able to find so far.

Hi April, I see the deterioration of belief in deities as a natural progression and is evolutionary!  Many centuries ago people were quite primitive and wondered at the things which we see today as quite normal like the sun, the moon, the stars, fire etc.  Now as we gain more knowledge and understand the world and the cosmos better people are beginning to question what has been taught to them like religion, like creationism.  As someone once wrote "Children are born as Atheists" they only 'get' religion because it's shoved down their throats by their parents, school teachers, priests and society in general!  I've been to Louisiana and I know you are in Bible Belt country, you are very brave!  Stick to your guns and do not allow yourself to be browbeaten into submission!  

April, it sounds like you're suffering from an identity crisis. You're worried a lot about coping, and I can definitely understand that as your parents are doing the common guilt trip with you. My parents did the same thing when I told them I was an atheist and I didn't get angry or anything, I was saddened that my parents believed so heavily in the supernatural.

YOU ARE NOT WRONG, April. I want you to know that, you are correct in your understanding of the world and you need to learn to be confident in your atheism and belief. Order a few books about atheism and reaffirm your beliefs and tell your mom that you can't go somewhere that doesn't exist. 

I hope all goes will in your future, April.

Thank you so much Keath, I have been looking up some books to read. Do you have any suggestions?

Any books from Carl Sagan, Richard Dawkins or Christopher Hitchens would be a good start. My personal favorite is The God Delusion written by Richard Dawkins. That book set my beliefs in stone. 

Wow Dawkins is on my browser now on Amazon I am about to buy the ebook. Thanks! I sent you a friend request. I would like for you to accept.

The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins

God is Not Great by Christopher Hitchens

Hey April, and welcome. Glad you came across the site. A lot of great people here. :-)


I have been in the same scenario (I'll assume you grew up 'as a Christian' at least) and can relate with feeling somewhat alone in some senses. My entire family is very religious with the exception of my brother, and many of my friends who I grew up with are either Christian or some sort of non-analysed theists. Feel free to ask questions!


Can you explain more about how you're feeling and what sort of (non-)beliefs you're talking about exactly?

I just feel like there is no god no one that will be at a golden gate to mark you off a list of acceptance. I like to think that you just become part of the earth once you die. But how do you explain when people say that when you die your soul leaves your body?


Also the question you always want to ask a christian. " So when did dinosaurs come in to play in your bible?". How do I start debunking the doubts I have from the bible vs. the proven scientific.


There are so many things to ask. I feel like I do not have anyone to talk to. I do have an obsession with the end of the world. Maybe I need some excitement in my life. I look at christians and say wow they know exactly what they believe in and are happy with that. But I cannot satisfy this craving I have for some big change in the world. Wither good or bad, just change.

Ask us here April, very supportive crowd in here, you don't need religion to be moral!

I will look it up as well! Thanks!


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