Why is it that people tend to be un supportive of the things I want as freedoms and yet be so virile with their own desired "freedoms."

Why cant we all have these freedoms and maybe work on changing the laws in this nation too one very simple law...do no harm unless in self defense!

Just wondering?

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Seems to me that everyone demanding "freedoms" forgets one thing. And that is that nobody has the right to a "freedom" if that "freedom" imposes on someone else's right to be free of it.
I agree, which means that as long as I am not harming your life (except in self defense) I should be allowed my freedoms right?
Weeeelllll, actually I'm vegan. So, because I extend that "right" to have such freedoms (to live, etc.) also to members of other species I'm afraid that no, I don't think you ought to be free to eat or shoot them. But I don't expect you to agree... ;-)
I do understand actually, however, would you agree that on purely a purely evolutionary scale it is survival of the fittest? Are you going to also restrict carnivores of other species using legislation and restriction of rights?
No and no. As a gun toting, meat eating atheist, I find that strawman pretty darn silly. Responsible stewardship of Earth and her biodiversity neither requires killing simply because we can nor legislating that lions can no longer hunt gazelles.

People in affluent countries need to eat less meat for a variety of reasons, but I see no reason why meat eating should be eliminated. However, I find mass meat farming to be abhorrent to my core principles and this is driven by the large demand for meat.

For the record, I will be picking up my 1/4 cow next weekend. I'm lucky enough to get most of my beef from the family farm.
I think that ANY belief or lifestyle that is hyped as "THE correct way" is just another form of fundamentalism. And I believe that ALL fundamentalism is bad for humanity.

I like steaks and hamburgers and hot dogs and bacon . . . but I don't insist that you partake as well. Want to be a vegan? Then go ahead . . . enjoy your protein-challenged diet. I respect your decision. What I don't respect is any intimation that I should follow your lead. Your choice is your choice. Mine is mine. There is no need for the two to coincide.
I'll adamantly defend the Second Amendment and still enjoy a good burger, preferably one I've made myself.

Still don't care to go hunting though.

Although our larger brains as an animals is attributed to a change to eating meat in our evolutionary history.
I do not hunt, used too however I do not see the point, now I just shoot as a form of martial arts!
Our larger brain is attributed by some to a change to eating meat in our evolutionary history yes; others think that it is mainly due to being able to cook (or otherwise process) our food, thus simply achieving far more energy out of our food for less time spent eating it. Actually I think that either way it's a completely irrelevant point: tell me, if the larger brain size were attributed (by anyone) to a change to cannibalism, would you see that as a reason to continue the cannibalism? To me there's a huge difference between our evolutionary history as descriptive and that same history as prescriptive of how we should behave now - isn't that why we all get so pissed when theists describe evolution as leading to so-called "social" Darwinism and ethnic cleansing etc.?

Anyway, as I said I don't expect anyone to agree with me - I've almost given up on that. But I would also say that since both atheism and veganism were for me a result of the same thinking process, I'm surprised that there aren't more vegan atheists.
I tried the vegetarian lifestyle for about a year several years ago. I'm only about 120 lbs, so I really can't make that lifestyle work for me anymore. Plus going to thanksgiving parties and eating only the fish was making me miss out on a lot of food I still considered delicious at the time. ^_^
Well said, besides one must look at plants, they have been noted and attributed with some type of sense (i.e. moving with music, growing better with better care etc.) are they not alive as well?

Not trying to be philosophical just fair.
So you did not answer, do you feel that other carnivores are wrong to eat meat as well or just we humans?
You have the freedom (and encouraged by myself- very close and dear friends are raw foodies or vegans) however, why am I not allowed or encouraged to have my freedom after all there are well over a thousand carnivorous or omnivorous species of animals...


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