Hey Folks:
Wondering if there are any readers here? Anyone willing to do book club? I am more interested in reading books about living well, rather than about books just slamming religion.

I just picked up Jonathan Haidt's book "The Happiness Hypothesis." I am also interested in books on effective altruism. Also picked up Sam Harris' The Moral Landscape." One of my favorite books was "Living the Secular Life" by Phil Zuckerman.

Not sure how best to do a book club. Through the threads here, through Good Reads, through email. Anyway wanted to pitch this to the folks here. I tried doing the same in a humanism group on Facebook, but didn't get much response.

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I'm mostly posting because you like reading, and, are looking for something to read.  Sorry its a short post.

The living well stuff isn't my cup of tea though.....so, nothing more constructive other than recognition of your efforts.



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