At least 43 dead in multiple coordinated attacks. Pres. Hollande closes borders. No one in or out. (CNN report)

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I can't remember when a European country last closed its borders. It's a huge decision, and reflects the enormity of the situation. The border closure is likely to be to stop the culprits escaping. Big card to play for France. If they succeed in catching all concerned through this step, they'll be sending a warning to others that might try the same, but if they fail, they're going to seem impotent and inviting.

London has been the major terrorist target in the past - it's odd to see another European country drawing fire like this.

Charlie Hebdo wasn't that long ago. I think you can expect a surge in terrorism in all European countries.

I've always thought there'd be a big backlash over France banning the burka and niquab in schools and public places. That was a huge decision. Maybe Paris is an easier target than London.

I could imagine an attack in Germany (with reference to your European escalation comment) but that's about all.

I wonder if it's a coincidence that these attacks happened the day the after the US seems to have killed "Jihadi John"? ("Okay, you in the West killed Emwazi, now see how we respond.")

To be honest, I think they'd love to have that connection, but I don't think they'd have had time to organize this in just a couple of days.

I heard some reporter call it a well-planned, well-coordinated attack. I'm afraid I don't buy that. I don't think what was done would have required more that a few quick phone calls - "OK, we strike tonight at 11. You take the football match and you take the restaurant...."

The suicide vests and the assault rifles were obviously sitting in someone's garage waiting. It could all have been "organised" in 15 minutes.

The reporter was probably including the prior preparation (constructing suicide vests which would have meant researching designs, buying explosives, gathering shrapnel, etc.; purchasing weapons; selecting and "casing" the locations; and so on).

But I agree, they could all have been waiting for the right moment, which the US may have provided by killing "Jihadi John" and Pres. Obama saying in a speech that ISIS had been "contained."

Not so contained after all, eh?

 Like a terrorist flash mod? Interesting idea

Early reports: around 100 dead in concert hall attack.

There were overall, CNN just reported, seven coordinated terror attacks.

France has one particular low-hanging fruit soft target ISIS will surely hit someday. The TGV. Those miles of unguarded track and a train that goes so fast. Imagine the carnage a rather small explosive under the tracks could do.

Statement by President Obama:


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