If you're looking for a good christian understanding of atheism, check out conservapedia.com!

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Conservapedia is indeed a wonderful reliable source of information.

Especially for when you're a stand up comedian.

The Bible declares lesbianism to be a sin (Romans 1:27) and lesbians have significantly higher rates of obesity.[202] Since the Bible declares gluttony and lesbianism to be sins, no doubt there are obese people and/or lesbians who reject Christianity, despite the abundant evidence for Christianity, and decide to become atheists rather than repent and become Christians.


It's almost like poetry... and than they wonder why we hate them? I'm truly amazed how they connected atheism and obesity, I'm just guessing that they ran out of options, or this whole things was written by a clever troll.

What is the obsession with atheism causing obesity? 

I really don't care because there is no scientific evidence for this.

I actually heard about this somewhere before and someone said that Richard Dawkins is fat because he is an atheist, and was like WHAAAAT? No, he isn't.

Because, really, after a long day not believing in anything, we like to sit down on the couch with a tub of icecream and eat our meaningless existance away.



There is actually a little bit of truth there (but there is a little bit of truth in everything) atheist are intelligent people usually and how did intelligent people get intellingent, by working in a field, walking around with watchtower magazine in a bag? No, they were sitting down for a long periods of time eating food and not moving because they wanted to learn something, and if you don't exercise you get fat.

But if we use good old logic we would conclude that some atheist are fat. Not all. For example, I'm fat :D

Ahh but truth to the opposite as well.  There are those who, knowing their own mortality will try to delay it by living as healthy a life as possible (eating "right" and working out).  


It probably all balances out.  

what really pisses me off is that every Christin thinks that we deny the existence of god. which is completely false. we all dont deny the existence of god because we dont beleive there is a god to deny. also the picture that they show is rediculous. they say he is an "advocate" of athemsim. how can you advocate not believing in something? you either do, or dont!

you know what..no. im not even gonna read this. lol

When ever I feel down and hurt by the world, I look at this site and it is always a real pick me up because, even in this cold world, there are still people who are stupider and less able than me.
Agreed, I also find it invigorating after reading sites like this because I know I can make a difference and feel like a human being after it.


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