How to respond to what I consider an irrational position

My very religious cousin posted a picture of the shooter from Charleston and made a statement concerning the power of Jesus' love.  Presumably in response to the forgiveness shown by the families of the slain.

I wanted to ask so badly, but did not want to start a facebook war with her, "Where was Jesus' love for the people shot dead"

What should I have said, assuming that I should have said anything?

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The shooter said he almost did not kill the nine people because everyone was so nice. I don't understand why survivors are already forgiving him even though he has shown no remorse.It is not a natural response at the start of the grieving process.


What's "natural" about Christianity? They're doing what Christians, as Christians, are supposed to do.

Sometimes...The best thing to do is to keep silent


Also, there are times to argue and times to not argue. If his expression is heartfelt (if misguided), now is probably not a good time to start a theological debate.

Christianity in its purest and unperverted form is all about forgiveness and he afterlife. Your cousin's expression was very congruent with those facts.

What do you expect you might accomplish by disputing your cousin's view of the situation? Other than driving a wedge between the two of you, I mean.

You could always post something on your own page that reflected your confusion as to why the omnipotent omniscience god those unfortunate people worshipped was again asleep at the the wheel when it's/his/her protective services would of been appreciated. That is better than flaming them on their own page.  

I would suggest that you either say nothing or make it a very low key comment.  I don't know you or your relative etc., but I find that there is no point in starting arguments with believers.  They turn nasty much too easily.

He's right about the power of love; it just may not be Jesus'.


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