I read an essay online from some dude who thought it was sooner than we think. His view was interesting, obviously fanatical over science and how it will replace blind faith but I couldn't help thinking he was being a little over enthusiastic with his term 'it will happen sooner than later'. In a perfect world, we'll all agree on the same things when it comes to faith. But I dont think that day is coming any time soon. What do ya reckon?

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Some good points there mate. I did like Starship Troopers too, but how bad were the sequels!!! ooof

Yeah I was soo upset with how they could go from doing a movie that was great because of its dark humor and cheesy qualities to the just bad sequels. Of course it does cause me to wonder about what would of happened if they would have taken a more serious approach from the start when it came to following the book. Instead of the other way arround where they had a movie idea and ended up seeing how similar it was to the Starship Troopers book and getting the license to use the ideas in it.

as long as they keep it to themselves, don't psychologically torture their children with threats of eternal hell fire, keep their crazy ideas out of policy, then I don't care what they believe or how long this belief continues.  

I think that if Atheists became more active, religion would die very quickly.  

Imagine if every atheist spent their lives trying to accomplish one goal.  To convert only one 'believer' to the dark side.  Just one.  We would double in size every generation - in 100 years it could be done.  But people will always have crazy ideas, just as long as they are embarrassed to speak about it, I'm fine with that.  

As long as there are individuals who capitalize off other people's problems, fears, self sense of grandiosity and a strong desire of immortality religion will exist. Monotheism is a recent human invention, it will extinguish as it's predecessors did.

@ Nelson

"We evolved to be pattern seekers. We find them when they're not actually there. We evolved to see agency. Sometimes we see agency when it's not there. We evolved to have a theory of mind. So it's natural for us to see a pattern where none exists, attribute to it agency, and then grant it a mind like ours."

There are groups/tribes of people extant on this planet who have no concept of god: Amazon jungle/Borneo. Perhaps they are intellectually lagging behind the rest of humanity but I find it interesting that they had not developed patterns, agencies, and ultimately a god. 

I need to read the book by McCauley. Until then I am of the opinion that religion perpetuates itself at present more by the indoctrination of our young and the continued dismissal of scientific understanding.

There is no wonder why religion is still being practised around the world with governments heavily relying on it to control the mass and keep individuals content with the lives they endure. Religion will continue to be an important variable within society until it is excluded from school curriculums, education is more prevalent/encouraged and it stops being wrongfully promoted as the means for a moral way of life.

Not long cause a comet will fall.... Then we die.

@ Nelson

"Where did I say that religion necessarily had to do with a god?"

You did not. But you must admit that the preponderance of religions in existence today involve a supernatural being at it's core.

BTW, you have piqued my interest in the Boyer book. Hopefully a cheap copy is available on Addall.

Honestly, I don't really want a world free of religion.  All I want is a world in which atheists are respected, and in which people don't vote and lobby based on their superstitious prejudices.

I am going to have to agree with you both. The indoctrination of the kids is terrible in every sense of the word. On the other hand, I have had some dear friends that have become religious and it has helped them dramatically with their issues. I find that a lot of people simply cannot handle or grasp the concept that there is no God, they absolutely need something to believe in. I find them to be harmless, unless they vote of course. It pains me to say this, some people are just better off religious I suppose.

Ah,  yes.  Forgot about that. 

My initial thought is that it won't ever go away. Then again I look at how quickly our societies evolve and how far we have come in such a short period of time. It wasn't that long ago that slavery was legal and acceptable. Now we have a black president! Its really quite incredible. I think society will become more secular. However, I don't think the human race will ever come close to finding out all of the mysteries of the universe; so religion will be with us for a long time if not forever. 


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