I read an essay online from some dude who thought it was sooner than we think. His view was interesting, obviously fanatical over science and how it will replace blind faith but I couldn't help thinking he was being a little over enthusiastic with his term 'it will happen sooner than later'. In a perfect world, we'll all agree on the same things when it comes to faith. But I dont think that day is coming any time soon. What do ya reckon?

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It will take centuries at least religion is far too ingrained to be quickly discarded just look at how things stand today with world wide media and connectivity this has helped raise awareness and spread the message but still millions ignore the evidence and embrace faith.  We will be stuck with a religious majority for a long time to come because people like easy answers and what is more simple than God did it. 

I hear ya fella. It aint no wonder I dont wanna have kids.

maybe with the ascension of the concept of " Green God"  (the idea that respecting the nature and preserve it constitue a new form of superior morel and social contract) we have a change in the paradigm of what is sacred, and what is to be " saved" .. Well, we wont be free of religions, but maybe we we' ll have a harmless paradigm..


The link above shows how maths and science have been used to predict the end of religion in certain countries. Pretty interesting. In my opinion, as long as the US is a super power religion will thrive. Obviously in Britain Secularism and Atheism is more widely accepted but even here it's going to take a while to become mainstream. 

I imagine many peoples fear of the unknown and death will ultimately allow religion to linger on for a good while longer. But I hope the influence of religion in all aspects of life in the west will disappear within a century or so.

So what you are saying is, Americans are idiots? lol. (im joking, before the senso's start)

Aha I'm not that harsh lol. 40% of them believe in creationism ... That's a lot lol. I imagine the main problem with Americas religious population is that it's so damn big! 

Yeah and if we even really were able to look into the minds of that 40% I would bet that a good chunk really deep down know its bullshit and they just ignore that little voice in their heads telling them this god stuff is silly. The scary ones are the people that really do believe in it all and don't question it at all like with the people in that Westboro Baptist Church.

You're right about the religious population, Sal: the problem with the US is not so much that Americans are stupid, but that there are so many stupid Americans. The minority of open-minded, educated Americans are the equal of any people anywhere.

I think even if we find that 'Theory of everything' its still not gonna convince the true believers. 

Most intelligent species on earth.....its embarrassing really.

I don't think that pattern seeking, agency, and theory of mind make religion inevitable, even if it's a small minority view. Superstitious thought, perhaps. "How far are we from a religion-free world?" is a different question than "How far are we from a world where everyone has a materialist, scientific mindset?" The latter world is far-fetched in the extreme, I agree, but the former might not be so outlandish. As an interconnected world culture evolves over the next few centuries, I think it's reasonably likely that something like a general consensus that the supernatural is bunk and that religion is a relic of the past could easily arise. That sort of general consensus already exists in the scientific community and other scholarly communities, as well as (to a lesser extent) among the educated youth and internet cultures. Not to mention the fact that many western European countries and Japan are nearly atheistic nations already. Despite that consensus, there will always be some kind of superstitious/supernatural thinking now and then, but the major world faiths could certainly go as extinct as all the other dead religions of history.

I think it could surprise us how quickly opinions could change under certain circumstances. I'm reading a book about Lincoln right now, and at the start of the Civil War, issuing the Emancipation Proclamation would have been political suicide even in the North. But as the issue was debated and the war dragged on, the mood of the people changed, and the Proclamation surprised everyone by garnering near-universal, enthusiastic support in the North. Thereafter slavery was seen as a great moral evil to be eradicated, instead of an unfortunate economic reality that ought to be confined to the Southern states.

Being religious is a weakness, and a lot of people will be too weak to resist the idea that if they just believe, they can have eternal life.

So, it'll never happen. Sorry to be the one to tell you.

I don't think it will ever happen to be honest. I think even if the majorities end up not believing in any god there will always be a few holdouts that will become more extreme in their faith and form groups. That and we shouldn't assume that the rise of new types of faiths isn't possible. I could see a group of people embracing the universe as being alive and being god etc. This is also assuming we don't have some event or collapse in our society where people lose technology and much of the scientific knowledge we have where faith could thrive once again. The one thing I think is very possible is that faith will do what it does best... survive... by looking through history we can see how many different groups managed to continue under ground or they just picked up their shit and went else where far away from everyone else. In a future where say for example space travel becomes viable over long distances we could see the galactic version of pilgrims set out into the galaxy. An example of something like this can be found in a gory but yet darkly humorous scene in the movie Starship Troopers where Mormon extremist leave Earth and establish a colony on another world that happens to be in area of space controlled by a hive of space bugs pretty much... in any case they all get slaughtered after ignoring advice not to settle where they don't belong believing their faith would protect them. Now the interesting thing to think of would be the possibility that we ourselves may encounter nomads, crusaders, missionaries or pilgrims of some type of E.T faith. That of course would assume there is a way to solve the problems of long distance space travel.  So I just don't think that religion will ever just go away and I believe that even in the case of other races that may be out there the same would apply. Hopefully this can help when it comes to some more interesting things that could happen to use as examples.


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