I saw this on my FB news feed this morning. It is a post by Seth Andrews (The Thinking Atheist).

How often does this happen? Do any of you have similar issues after being "out" for several years like Seth? You'd think people would learn to live with it after a few years.

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I expect that such a behavior would reduce the survival of theist off-spring, but might also crystalize the independence of thought and practical action in thoughs that survive. Rejection, while painful, can also motivate, the mother of invention and independence. Poor theists, they really could have taken over the world.... 

I escaped from my dysfunctional family to live a dysfunctional life all on my own when I was 18. I'm married with children, but except for a brother I never talk to, I'm without any of my family. I've been a loner most of my life. So it's been pretty easy for me to be whomever I wanted without disappointing the folks. 
But I can imagine hearing such a thing from your father can be very hurtful. I really wish families weren't torn apart by the separating prejudice of religion just like the world is.
I sympathize with Mr. Andrews, and hope he's strong enough to not let it get him down. 

Some of these religious theists are down right pathetic 

I was nervous about telling my dad I'm atheist. But he's cool with it. His brother and him are the only two believers in the family. They've NEVER read the bible, and the real kicker is my uncle's gay.

Big no-no in the bible.

I expect this is where christians find a way to do 'false witness' against some one that does not hold their beliefs, burn a poor woman at the stake, take the property of a 'witch', or maybe even ignore the evidence of their own minds! 


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