Hoping to start an Atheist club at my high school...

So, my friend and I want to start an Atheist/Agnostic/Humanist etc. club at my high school. Our only problem is that right now, we don't know what we would do. I've heard we could do service projects, but then we're just like our Rotary Interact club (which we are members of). Or we could do discussion, but that would just end in us going "Oh yeah, I agree, let's move on," and then we would be just like our Philosophy club (which we are also members of). So, does anyone have any ideas as to what an Atheist club might do that isn't copying other clubs?

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I've tried this at my school to no avail. You can try what Nelson has said or turn it into a how to deal with atheist life/talk about religious and scientific subjects. My school needs a sponsor like a teacher and none would support the group.
Who says copying other clubs is a bad thing? Discussions, outreach, service projects; these are just actions that clubs do. Not wanting to copy another club on those fronts is like starting a swim team that only swims in the mud. Different, yes, but useful? I say start small. Collect a handful of people and hold fun meetups once a week or month. Do simple activities like barbecues, sports event, etc. I think the biggest purpose of any campus-based club based of beliefs is to just act as a safe place for those who feel persecuted.
If you have not done so already, contact the Secular Student Alliance. They have good number of resources about starting up secular/atheist groups in high schools and can probably give you some good advice on things your groupmcan get involved in.


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