Well at least I have been up until reading a post here that asserts that an atheist is not someone who believes there is no god but, someone who merely doesn't believe in god. If this assertion is accurate, then being an Empirical Non-Theist, while still accurate would be redundant phraseology. I doubt the veracity of that assertion though, and besides the Middle Earth allusion is far too cool to abandon.

To me the notion of any sort of creator god is absurd to the extreme; however, not absolutely disprovable. What I can say with complete conviction is that at no time in the origin of "what is" is there any evidence, or necessity, for any god-like entity, and nonesuch has contacted man with a plan for right living or eternal salvation.  It also amazes me that anyone who has rationally considered the notion of eternity, could possibly think that eternal life would be a good thing.

I think "personal god" religions are extremely dangerous, more for the notion of "he's got the whole world in his hands" notion, than due to fanatics of any particular flavor. The notion of an omnipotent, omniscient, entity in total control allows people to pay no heed to the out of control behavior of the species. What is kind of scary though is, when I'm confronted by some of the mentalities I see manifested in the population, the species may not be ready for widespread atheism, but then, after over half a century of wearing at the surface of this barely encrusted ball, of dirty molten iron, I freely acknowledge that I may be a bit jaded.


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logical, rational, reasonable, plausible, and not (to me) the least bit jaded.


I'm atheist.
I could even be considered a 'militant atheist' in the way that I don't hide my lack of belief in voodoo and I'm politically active especially concerning our 1st Amendment rights.

But I don't assert "THERE IS NO GOD!!!!!"
I just don't particularly care if there is one or not.
The Abrahamic deity is out for me. I would not willingly follow a psychopath even if it DID create the world.
Also, based on my own experience and the evidence I've witnessed, I've come to the conclusion that it's all imaginary, anyway.
I don't have to claim there is no god.
Until one produces Him or Herself in a manner that I find deserving of worship, it isn't really my problem. Our Constitution is clear. Even if one were to pop up, I would STILL fight to keep America a secular nation, because that's the only fair way to run a government.
Very well said.  I must admit, your phrasing makes me feel slightly inadequate, as I lack the facility to get a point across and have it sound as eloquent as you have here.  Your third paragraph speaks volumes to me, and I whole-heartedly agree with it. :)


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