I've stumbled across this place many-a-time, and I've decided this is a community I want to make an effort to join. I'm a senior Chemistry major at the predominantly Christian/conservative Texas A&M University so I meet few people tolerant let alone accepting of my immutable predisposition to empirical evidence, so.. just thought I'd say hi :]

Much love,


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Hi and welcome


Welcome, fellow insomniac and empiricist ;) 

And you'll find most if not all with sympathize, and many (including myself) can empathize with the alienation experienced by a rational person living in the southeast United States.

Thank you :] Places where I can speak openly about what I think are so refreshing--even if they are only on the internet. Before this I used Tumblr as an outlet but it really lacks a community/connection aspect, ya know?

LOL ...just don't assume we'll always agree with you.


Don't ever be afraid of who you are. It's better to see things as you have nothing to be ashamed of. The beliefs of the many do not deserve respect from you. 

Hi Rachael, good to have you here!

I hope you find what you're looking for on TA, feel free to join in whenever and wherever you feel like it.

Hey Rachael, nice to meet you - kk

As far as I'm concerned you already have two things going for you. You're a chemistry major and you go to my dad's alma mater. Welcome!

Hi, Rachael.  Welcome to Rationalville.  You are young enough that you might, in your lifetime, see America go the way of the rest of the world - away from childish Christian dogma.  I envy you.  I will be long gone, by then, but I - WE - wish you well in a future of science and reason. 

By the way, what, exactly, has been keeping you up at 3:12 AM?  I'm usually awake at that time, too, and thinking the same thoughts as you, apparently.  Besides, we old folks don't seem to need all that much sleep.  Or maybe it's because we atheists know that when we die, WE WILL BE DEAD FOREVER and we just want to get in as much life as possible till then.    

Studying for an analytical chemistry quiz.. the awful, technical side of chemistry haha. I would have probably been awake regardless, I'm pretty sure I'm naturally nocturnal :]

Hah you have to be less of a pyro for that class I'll bet.


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