I never really post anything because my english is not that great, but I visit this site everyday and I just want to say thanks to all the members that post useful information and that share their stories. I've been feeling kind of lonely because is not easy to be an open atheist and be accepted, but visiting this site and see other people that are going through the same things, and that view the world really how it is using critical thinking gives me comfort to think that Im in the right path and that the reasons for our lack of believe is more than just right. Anyway I just wanted to say this to thank you all, so that you keep doing it, keep spreading reason, and keep sharing stories because it really helps!

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On the contrary your English here is great.
thanks but I had to be really careful hehe :P

Come on Natanael, your English was just cool with that charming latin accent :)

Come and see my blog posts with my camel accent lol..

Anyway, Thanks to you too for beng a member in here.


*Note, we're waiting to see you posts okay?

hehe well thanks, and I will check your blog

I completely agree.

hey I'm from Croatia, most people don't know where that is... and stay gold.
thank you :), and actually the weather here has been kind of cold when other years already feels like summer, but I bet is hotter than NY hehe.
Thanks for lurking on Think Atheist! Please let me know if you have any ideas or suggestions to make TA a better place!

Lurkers. They are among us.


I was a lurker too at first. I alt+tabbed a lot in my inception ( didn't want my parents to find out ). Now I am open with myself and the family/friends. I am back to lurking now that I have little time to spend. 


Indeed, lots of interesting posts around this forum. It is my #1 most frequented forum.

Never be afraid of letting your voice heard :) and your english is great don't worry about that.

And ofcourse your not alone, there are millions of atheists just like you .

That will freak a Christian lurker one day.


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