When you run a business, what is your job? It's to make as much money for the owner as is possible under the law. It's not to give people jobs and it's not to play nice with the community. It's just to make money.

So, unless you want to give businesses a pass to do anything even if it has adverse effects on the community, you're going to institute some legal controls, which is socialism.

While conservatives tell us that we need to support business because business=jobs, they aren't telling you the whole truth. Businesses hate giving people jobs. Labor is a necessary evil until it can be eliminated through increased efficiency and/or automation.

Think I'm wrong? Tell me how.

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Sorry to dispute terminology, but we're talking about socialism, not socializationism.

When the economy can't supply real jobs to its citizens, to whom does the government owe its support? To the general public or to the job eliminators (the ones the GOP humorously calls "the job creators"). 

I'm thinking that the government will have to employ the displaced workers, paying them out of heavy taxes on the industries based on how much labor they've eliminated.

@Un seen:

"...not socializationism."

You are correct Sir.

Someone who actually knows:

Only Trump followers are marching to the same drum beat as Nazi Germany, and he's going to get creamed in the election this fall.

It's already happening the Government's Arms Grab is underway:

Johnnie get your gun...this ain't no joke (I wish it was).  I wonder how long before the Internet gets Nationalized?

Actually, the danger is that the Internet, currently under the control of American institutions, will be INTERnationalized. If you think Breitbart and Fox News are credible sources anyway.

A bunch of people with semi-autos vs. the US Armed forces with their guns, grenades, tanks, command and control.

No contest.

On paper that makes sense but I am not so sure it is true. Dealing with possibly 100's of millions of armed insurgent citizens is no joke. A lot of Americans can shoot very, very well and getting soldiers to comply will be difficult, many would refuse or go AWOL.

An insurgency wouldn't last long because it would have NO support from the public outside the insurgents' little dogmatic bubble. They'd be turned in by concerned citizens right and left.

The American public simply doesn't want a war going on around them.

Gun owners use examples like when Germany's Nazi Government took over. The implication is that gun ownership and rights makes that impossible. So no, I disagree, we are talking about a major all out civil war- not some isolated cattle ranchers.

Americans don't have the stomach for a full on civil war. If anything happens, it'll be an insurrection by a few extremists. Nobody needs a gun in order to use it for sedition.


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