I personally do not believe in such things, but it makes me wonder why some of the people I know, really genuine, nice and truthful people, tell me these things that makes it hard to tell them to their face "You were halluccinating or possibly paranoid, it's not possible" If you guys can please help me, this is the only question I have on my mind! : Can you please help me figure out the reason why my co-worker, who I believe doesn't make stuff up, sees and feels paranormal phenomenon?

He told me this story about how all his life there's been something following him, and when he was little, about 8 or 10, he wouldn't believe in ghosts or demons because he thought it was nonsense, that's what his family told him and believed too. So when stuff would happen, he would say "There's an explanation for that" He truly didn't believe in that stuff. But it would still happen: Hearing noises, stuff flying in front of his eyes. At this point I asked clearly if he thought maybe he was paranoid or imagining it happen. He then said "Well if I was, I clearly was imaging all my life about my bed shaking and all the noises from different houses right?" I asked what makes him certain that it's a demon or ghosts. He then said that he thinks he's been possessed, that his mom saw him with glowing red eyes. He didn't believe at first either, he said there was no way scientifically that could happen. Then she showed him a video she recorded so she could have proof. He said everything was true. The final thing that made me weirded out was when he said recently it's come back, something's come back, and it's been messing with everything: furniture moving aroud and what not. THEN he said he's PHYSICALLY SEEN his roomate being DRAGGED from the floor!?! and that lighting candles and other religous stuff stopped it, but it wou ld continue. Sooooo, please give me reasons to be safe and know that some of this stuff is just in his head. He wasn't a believer and a skeptic, but he's said that it's happened and no matter what people say, that they aren't living it, and he has nothing to hide. He wants to show me the video and wants me to go over to see for myself about the phenomenon. So please help clarify this. Thanks!

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Nice!!! :)

Hay, where do I get one of thoughs?

I don't get to be 'super hero' very often. I think the last time I was close, was when I sprayed bleach solution on a ceiling to kill the mold. The tenant was very impressed, and I just had to tell her, 'It's ok, it is called ox-i-da-tion!'

If he has medical insurance hopefully he can be persuaded to seek counseling. A therapist is more adept at helping individuals with these issues.

Psychoses , ( schizophrenia , mania , hallucinosis ) , are in general , not amenable to counseling or talk therapy . The usual course of treatment for these very serious psychiatric disorders are antipsychotic pharmacologics , the main classes being phenothiazines and butyrophenones .

Don't you think though that with regular medicating of these disorders that talk therapy is beneficial once the patients mental heath is more stable? Or, that some coping skills can be learned by talk therapy so that the patient could lead a relatively "normal" life depending on the severity of the illness? 

Yes, they are Sarah.  I think Ray is right that you cannot cure or manage these disorders solely by way of talk therapy.  However, once the sufferer is medicated effectively, talk therapy can be very important, not least because it enables the patient to understand more about their particular disorder and critically, that they cannot manage without the medications they are taking.

It is very easy, once you feel fine because of your medication, to believe you would be fine with no medication.  Talk therapy helps the patient to understand that "this" can not be managed with will power, because it is a chemical/physical imbalance, and not the fault or weakness of the sufferer.

I absolutely agree , Sarah Jane , that upon initiation of antipsychotic medications , therapeutic support is essential as a tool for teaching life and coping skills , as well as for reinforcing the importance of strict compliance with meds . My point was , that in and of itself , talk therapy is of no benefit in treating psychotic disorders .

Even if he does not there are a lot of metal health facilities that work on a sliding fee scale, or even some that offer general therapy for free to low income people. 

There are a lot of people who go overboard with the supernatural.  I mean the TV networks have about 10 different shows about it here in the states.  The shows are very much contrived and ludicrous.  They will say, "OMG did you hear that door slam?"  What they mean is "Did you hear the sound effects guy make the 'sound of door slamming'?"  I sometimes get into a scary place and feel scary feeling energy sometimes a lot of people do.  However if this guy is saying he see's a demon and is reacting this way I think he needs help.  Candles and crucifixes are not gonna do it, if you ask me he needs a little tiny pill. 

"OMG did you hear that door slam?"


Yes I did, are we gonna die now? (cringes in fear)

The main reason for this, Sarah Jane, is that we like to be scared, as long as we know the threat is in our imaginations, and that we are actually safe, which is what makes supernatural TV shows and movies, as well as amusement park rides, so popular.


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