I personally do not believe in such things, but it makes me wonder why some of the people I know, really genuine, nice and truthful people, tell me these things that makes it hard to tell them to their face "You were halluccinating or possibly paranoid, it's not possible" If you guys can please help me, this is the only question I have on my mind! : Can you please help me figure out the reason why my co-worker, who I believe doesn't make stuff up, sees and feels paranormal phenomenon?

He told me this story about how all his life there's been something following him, and when he was little, about 8 or 10, he wouldn't believe in ghosts or demons because he thought it was nonsense, that's what his family told him and believed too. So when stuff would happen, he would say "There's an explanation for that" He truly didn't believe in that stuff. But it would still happen: Hearing noises, stuff flying in front of his eyes. At this point I asked clearly if he thought maybe he was paranoid or imagining it happen. He then said "Well if I was, I clearly was imaging all my life about my bed shaking and all the noises from different houses right?" I asked what makes him certain that it's a demon or ghosts. He then said that he thinks he's been possessed, that his mom saw him with glowing red eyes. He didn't believe at first either, he said there was no way scientifically that could happen. Then she showed him a video she recorded so she could have proof. He said everything was true. The final thing that made me weirded out was when he said recently it's come back, something's come back, and it's been messing with everything: furniture moving aroud and what not. THEN he said he's PHYSICALLY SEEN his roomate being DRAGGED from the floor!?! and that lighting candles and other religous stuff stopped it, but it wou ld continue. Sooooo, please give me reasons to be safe and know that some of this stuff is just in his head. He wasn't a believer and a skeptic, but he's said that it's happened and no matter what people say, that they aren't living it, and he has nothing to hide. He wants to show me the video and wants me to go over to see for myself about the phenomenon. So please help clarify this. Thanks!

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If you decide to go see for yourself DO NOT GO ALONE!!!

Take another male with you, preferably someone big and who can handle themselves in a physical confrontation.

This individual sounds like a true blue nut.

They may be trying to prank you or worse actually believe what they have said.

My guess is you will go over to their home, nothing will happen and they will say "um, it knew you was coming so it laid low, it doesnt want to be revealed. So um, want to read the bible with me...NAKED?"

Then you can say so long fruit loop, dont ever bother me with your b.s. again. Peace.


Years ago, early 80's, I had nothing to do on a Sunday morning, so took in the show at a local newage church. While there, I ran into an interesting young fellow that seemed to know a little philosphy and needed lunch. So I asked him over to my place to talk for a few hours. Over the course of the first hour, he talked about some esoteric idea called the 'I am', where he claimed to be able to turn into wild animals, at will.

As a young nieve fool, I humored him, till he started to growl like a wild cat, get down on all fours, and start to circle around me! At this point, I realized that I needed one more quarter in Abnormal Psychology, before I talked to such a fellow. I was able to talk him down, but had no kibble to help move his ass out my front door, so resorted to the tried and true, 'I have a swing shift job to get ready for, sorry to have to cut this short, can you forgive me?' He got up off my floor, re-collected himself and left. No he did not leave any fur balls!

By all means, please ask for help when investigating the fringe! Its probably not the gate to hell you have to worry about, but the gate keepers!  

Went to school with a guy who thought he was a werewolf. He ended up in counseling. Not sure how that went because I avoided him...he had the look in his face of an "off" person.

Sadly, we are all biological beings, and not independent of our underlying biochemistry. A few of my friends keep telling me, 'we are spiritual beings having a mortal experience', like this is very helpful..;p(. I keep wanting to responde, 'you know that might be right at some deep delusional level, but I think a neural transmitter is telling me to find something fatty to eat, should I ignore it?'

Your werewolf friend sounds familier, was he about 5'8" tall, rather pudgy, long hair, liked one of the punk rocker groups, and hailed from a small town in Oregon? This guy spent a little time in the local mental hospital, I think after eating one too many of his mother's sandwiches at her shop. He is out now, and seems to be holding it together. We run into each other, and continue to compair notes from a family that I was Big Brother to, which really was odd in the worst way.

I have tried 'avoiding' people other the years, but the world is a rather small place, and people are mostly not in closed gated communities.

Some people seem issolated, in their own minds. The gates can be much higher in the mind, than in 'reality'. Offering someone an anchor to this world, while surrounded by so many distractions in fantasy, might keep some from jumping off the edge. Sadly, for some, the 'jumping', is the ultimate planned result.  


I would suggest your friend consult a neurologist or a psychiatrist .

Thank you all, these comments help. I feel sorry for him, and it's a shame that he truly believes this... I won't be going to his place anytime soon! It is a bit creepy, thanks guys for your inputs.

Sounds like he's been influenced by Paranormal Activity. The glowing red eyes thing seems cliche. I'd like to see that video his mom recorded. Even if she does have his red eyes on tape it still wouldn't even come close to proving he's been possessed by a demon. One should always take a naturalistic explanation over a supernatural one. I'm sure there are plenty of reasons why red eyes could show up on video tape. I don't know him, but I'd bet hes not a true skeptic. He was probably just manipulating you by mimicking your skepticism so you would take his story seriously. He may seem genuine and truthful but the best liars always do.

Now that you say that, sometimes when I was skeptical he would say, "yeah that's exactly what I thought! but then...." So I agree with you too. I feel sorry if he does have a symptom!

I have a friend with scizophrenia who has almost text book symptoms of your description of your friend, please don't be afraid the mentally ill ( if he is) are just people and often highly intelligent and very interesting people.

He may already have seen a psychiatrist and be off his meds or need them adjusted they do tend to have episodes, hallucinations are tricky a person whom hallucinates cannot be told it is not real because the experience is extremely real to them . So advising them they are a nut wont help but you can openly say wow I don't see it but ok.

When I first noticed my friend first  had an episode similar to what you described I asked her outright do you see a regular Dr ? Does someone look after you when you experience these things? and  does anyone else know you experience them?

She flippantly said yes Dr *** but I don't like him he wants me to take pills I suspect mind control!

I don't trust Doctors !

I got her Dr's name with further discussion  and where he was located and called him well his receptionist actually , for advise and for information, I work with people with Disabilities so i guess it's a fairly normal thing I know to do with the mentally ill , and they kindly sent me a plethora of information about scizophrenia and other ilnesses and how harmless it can and cannot  be, they also asked for my friends name and advised due to privacy they couldn't tell me anything but assured me she was regularly getting help.

I hope this helps i think its a safer route than going to their home and playing into the hallucinations if you don't have the facts.

Thank you so much for this! It's true of what you are saying. I actually did just listen to him, but questioned everything, and at the end I did say that "Well I see you believe that and you do feel you experienced it, but I haven't seen anything or it's just not backed up by science so that's why I don't believe but hopefully you have some people there to talk with you about that. If it's real for you then I won't question your belief." But he kind of kept on ha. But thank you! 

Please tell me you did not really think there were such things as demons.


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