I wanna try alcohol for the first time but I'm absolutely ignorant in the subject so if any of you can answer these questions I would greatly appreciate it.

1) what drink do you recommend for a first timer who doesn't wanna get drunk?
2) how long do the effects of that drink last? My parents are muslims so they won't approve and I would get in serious trouble if they saw me and found out.
3) where can I get that drink?

I would prefer you don't suggest beer because I heard that it tastes like shit and I want something I would enjoy.

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Haha yeah just proving I'm not dead.
Stella eh bs now is not the time to promote local brands. It will taste worse than Heineken.

I tried ID yesterday and here's what I discovered:
1) I'm really light-weight. I only took a few gulps and I got really lightheaded. I was sober but I was slow. Overall it wasn't a pleasant experience. If all alcohol will make me feel like that then I don't want it.

Anyway do these pubs allow 20 year olds? I'm not legal yet.

You'll get past that sensation. And perhaps sipping rather than gulping. Make a drink last. 

On the other hand, there's no law saying you have to drink alcohol.

Its alc. sometimes even after years of drinking you take a few sips of beer and you get dizzy. Just keep on tasting whenever you get the chance till you find something you like..

"The possibilities are endless"... :d

You have to be 21 for those places, nonetheless there are places that allow 20 its downtown cairo

Couldn't have, it tasted awful.

Yup, I'm not even looking to get drunk so I don't know why I want this

Beer is an acquired taste, though it remains one of the main ways drinkers start drinking due to low cost (for the weakest- and foulest-tasting crap) and wide availability.

Probably the best way to start off easy is to mix your own drink. Because it's tasty, I'd start with rum & Coke (or add lime and it's a cuba libre, which I think tastes better). I'd start with a tall 12- or 16-oz glass with a few ice cubes in it. A  half shot of rum in a glass that size filled to the brim with Coke will give a beginner a buzz.

Alcohol enters the system almost immediately upon contact with your mouth (yeah, it doesn't even need to  get down to the stomach), so don't chug it down. Sip it. Make it last at least a half hour.

Later on, you'll learn to like good beer, which is heavy and very bitter. Craft/micro beers are incredibly delicious once you learn to like beer.

You'll learn to enjoy wine as well.

For now, the rule is to take it easy and pace yourself. 

"Take it easy" Basically my course of action.
I will try the rum and coke/lime if I decide to drink again, thanks.


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