Hello, I am new to the site. Live in Seattle, but originally from the UK. Already noticed that the discussions here, despite differences in opinion, don't degenerate into name calling and proof by assertion. Whilst I would hesitate to claim that this is because atheists are better thinkers than the majority of religious fundamentalists, that probably is the reason ;-) It also explains the amazingly low number of atheist suicide bombers.


I am a transgender lesbian, and am already doomed by most religions, plus I simply can't believe in god. I really did try, as a teenager, but the more I knew about science, the more the possibility of a supreme being seemed to slip away. Despite some of his faults, I still think Dawkins is a great thinker and proponent of atheism. I am also a fan of Dan Savage (syndicated columnist with The Stranger), and enjoy the Huffington Post online too. I try to do my bit in countering right-wing fundamentalists on the internet, but it is nice to find a haven with some like-minded people. Please do send friend requests, and if you can say a little about yourself, all the better.

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Welcome KaraC we tend to be a accepting group I can relate to your situation I have a younger sibling who is a transgender gay man now but oddly also converted to Orthodox Judaism that's the part I have a problem with lol. Any way just wanted to say hi and welcome.

Thanks Bill! Converting to Judaism, I mean that's just _weird_ LOL !

I echo Reggie's sentiment...i have no clue what a transgender lesbian is...

however, as mentioned, it has no bearing here!!!  i am also pretty vanilla, being as white, male, and mid thirties as Reggie.  However, my little girl is now 4.  i do however wanna sell my son, who is 2, on ebay...  :)

I am also new to the site, and it is awesome indeed to meet like-minded people!

Thanks Conrad.

I might have to add a footnote with a *

* I am XY genetically but with a predominantly female brain (core identity) according to my therapist. I am sexually attracted only to women, so you could say I am a straight guy or a lesbian, depending how you look at it. I'm happy being me, and that's what counts :-)


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