Hello, I am new to the site. Live in Seattle, but originally from the UK. Already noticed that the discussions here, despite differences in opinion, don't degenerate into name calling and proof by assertion. Whilst I would hesitate to claim that this is because atheists are better thinkers than the majority of religious fundamentalists, that probably is the reason ;-) It also explains the amazingly low number of atheist suicide bombers.


I am a transgender lesbian, and am already doomed by most religions, plus I simply can't believe in god. I really did try, as a teenager, but the more I knew about science, the more the possibility of a supreme being seemed to slip away. Despite some of his faults, I still think Dawkins is a great thinker and proponent of atheism. I am also a fan of Dan Savage (syndicated columnist with The Stranger), and enjoy the Huffington Post online too. I try to do my bit in countering right-wing fundamentalists on the internet, but it is nice to find a haven with some like-minded people. Please do send friend requests, and if you can say a little about yourself, all the better.

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I have no clue what a transgender lesbian is, but I doubt it has any significance here other than the different perspective it might present.  This is a great community of rational thinkers interested in intellectually honest debate.  It isn't all perfect and name calling happens (which is against the rules), but it is a community that respects ideas and debate. 


I'd say something about me but I'm pretty vanilla.  White, male, heterosexual, and in my mid thirties.  The best thing I have going for me is a 15 month old daughter who has me wrapped around her finger. 

Welcome to T|A!

Hi Reggie - thanks for your reply. Kids will do that to you :-) I have two, and I either love them to bits or want to sell them on Ebay, depending on the day.

LOL I threaten to sell my kids on Ebay all the time. I tell the little blonde haired blue eye'd one she'd fetch a hefty price.

Thank you David - I try to he abominable at least once a day :-) That's only when I take time of from being unnatural and aberrant!

Welcome to the site!


@ your observation at the discussions, I agree. It's one of the bigger reasons I'm actually here on a site like this. Lots of great, intelligent people on here. Even when there is trolling, it's definitely marginal for an online discussion site. And usually it's at least intelligible, viz. you won't see a reply that just says, "Well, you suck, so there!" At least you'll get an attempt at a rational reason for saying that, hah.


Per your request: Single hetero guy, 32, PCB Design Engineer/DBA actually looking for some new work (was layed off in June and just doing contract work as I can, market is bad here in Atlanta so willing to move actually). My roommate is a bi-sexual Christian (makes for some interesting discussions). I am divorced and have kids. Grew up in a highly religious (Calvinist) environment, but been agnostic to some degree since living memory, or about 6. Tried hard to be religious but never could completely wrap my head around it. But I can say Jesus has ruined my life. Not so much now, but if only I had known better when I was younger.... I love my life and it is amazing, but I feel like I missed out on a lot of great things for stupid beliefs. Thanks, non-existent deity.

Absolutely love Dawkins, he completely unlocked understanding evolution for me... just the way he explains it is powerful. He does come across as arrogant, like the fact he says he won't debate Creationists as one example. But if one understands the way in which he understands evolution, it makes sense. Creationism just seems so completely and utterly ridiculous to him. Can you blame him for feeling the way he does then, toward random and tattered Bronze-Age beliefs people still cling to? It makes justifiable sense to me why he comes across that way.


Good to have you here.

Hi Dennis, thanks for your comment, and your mini-bio. We can all think back on things we missed out on or wish we'd done, but I find it better to learn and look forward. Just wish the internet had been around when I was growing up, so I could have know that I wasn't the only person like me.

I know what you mean about Dawkins. Like you, I can hardly blame him for becoming exasperated with some of the people who make the most ludicrous comments about evolution, clearly not understanding the first thing about it.

Thanks Gretchen. Stem cell biology is an exciting area. I find genetics and molecular biology fascinating, and I come from a region in England where the CCR5-Delta 32 Mutation is quite common, so I am hoping that I have passed immunity to Bubonic Plague and HIV to my kids :-) There could well be something to the Sneaky theory. Sheffield is a fun place - you will enjoy it. A great tip for sounding like a true Yorkshire person is to stick your bottom jaw out as far as you can, then try and say "What's your game?". Or watch "The Four Yorkshiremen" sketch. Have fun!

No problem Kasu! I'm not sure who you thought I was (actually, I occasionally have difficulty knowing who I am) but I just assumed that you were debating vigorously, which is fine. Thanks for your welcome message, much appreciated :-)

I guess I'm rather new here too.  I am 47, divorced with two grown-up kids and one younger one.  I am an occupational therapist in a skilled nursing facility.  As we seem to be identifying sexual orientation, I'm heterosexual.  I was raised atheist, my mother having been abused Southern-Baptist style as a kid.  She's thoroughly screwed.  : (  

I have explored a lot of religious and spiritual concepts, yet remain steadfastly atheist.  I seem to have a lot of born-again Christians in my life who try to hoist their beliefs onto me.  I have given up debating them, but I will speak up for myself.  I find it helpful to commune with others who think like I do, as it can be wearying being an outspoken, unapologetic atheist.

I have an exceptional life.  "The best revenge is living well" is one of the bits of wisdom by which I try to live.  

I love to read just about anything.  Right now I've just started reading Parallel Worlds: A Journey through Creation, Higher Dimensions, and the Future of the Cosmos, by Michio Kaku.  


It is amazing how many religionists assume we are all miserable. Tends to be quite the contrary. I like your "bit of wisdom".

I am bi and the thought of having sex with a transgender lesbian is a turn on. /justsaying 

I'l let you know next time I'm in SF!  Maybe we can meet up with Kari Byron from Mythbusters :-)


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