Not too sure what to say, so I'll give the Campbell's condensed version as to how I came into atheism.

My parents divorced when I was young and being that they both had different stances on religion (and for the first ten-eleven years of my life I was constantly moving between parent, finally settling by choice with my mother) I by default was lead to sort of make my own decisions. Didn't go to church much until 7th grade, but was more or less made to. I bought into it for a couple years, but then ended up having some issues when my youth director would get annoyed whenever I'd ask questions he couldn't answer, and when the pastor told me I shouldn't wear "rock 'n' roll" shirts to church. I felt I deserved answers if I was going to devote my life to this religion (Jesus certainly wasn't answering them for me) and didn't think my band tees should have been an issue. Around tenth grade I became agnostic with an extreme rebellious attitude toward Christianity. It's something I still feel against the church as an institution, even though I don't always feel the same way toward religious people as individuals. I remained more or less agnostic up until a few years ago when I decided that there was no reason for me to acknowledge the possibility of god being that there was absolutely no evidence (Carl Sagan's "Demon Haunted World" played a major role in me making this decision. Excellent book) of him, at which point I became atheist. Simple as that.

One of the first things I noticed when I made the decision was an instant feeling of liberation.

I stumbled across this site by chance and decided to join up.

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Hello Sway,  I am located about halfway between Macon and Augusta.  How I escaped the intense indoctrination of growing up in the rural south, I will never know, but I did.  I too attended church until I went off to college and to be honest returned off and on for a while.I finally decided to read the bible from cover to cover and did not like what I read.  It was only a small step to atheism.  

I had a similar experience - when I was a young teen, I'd had quite a few years of music behind me, and when my church lost it's choir leader and no one else had any musical training, I thought I'd be helping by volunteering to perform the task. My minister took me to one of the church side rooms, had me kneel and pray about my decision, while he explained that to take the position, I'd have to live a life second only to the pastor himself, in religious purity - no movies, no TV, no dancing, nothing. (His own son, a couple of years older than I, was the town's hell-raiser)

I finally said (to myself), "Screw it, I was just trying to do a favor, not volunteer for purgatory," and never looked back. My church days were over.

pax vobiscum,

Hey Sway, Have you been calling 4 years old on this site retards lately?


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