Hi everyone,

I just signed up and wanted to introduce myself. I'm a junior in high school and I've been an atheist for almost 2 years now. Only a couple of my family members know and they are not very accepting of it. It is really difficult for me as ALL of my friends are very religious. I don't know a single atheist. I feel very alone.

So...here's hoping to find some friends who understand me! :)

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Thanks :)

Welcome! In new here to soits fresh to me what your going through. Everyone here has been so supportive to me, and will be to you too! Just browse around and you will find allot of comforting material.

I'd be surprised if there aren't other atheists or agnostics at your school that would be more than happy to find someone of similar feelings.  But it can be hard to find them.  Peer pressure is very hard to get past, especially at your age.  It might be easier to fly under the radar while collecting the occasional non-believer friend.  At least you have found one great group here on this website.  I called myself agnostic at your age and didn't really let my feelings be known.  I was still working my way out from under the superstitious nonsense that I was brought up to believe while learning how cool the Universe was around me soaking up all the science I could.  The more I learned, the less important religion became.....  Welcome aboard!

Words of wisdom. 

Welcome, Alyssa!

Ello, and welcome to TA! May you live long and prosper.

lol... I had to


Welcome to TA... we are glad to here from anyone who is finding that reason and logic makes more sense then blind faith.

Hi! Welcome to Think Atheist. Have you checked to see if there is a atheist or even a humanist group at your school? If not your high school, maybe a community chapter? 

Hey Alyssa! 

I know how you feel about your family and friends being like that! Many of us are in the same situation! Welcome to the site and enjoy people who think alike! 

Hi Alyssa,

Please make yourself at home in our little island of common sense and intelligence amongst an ocean of gullibility and stupidity.

  You are describing exactly how I felt when I was your age.  I am now 76, and with each passing year the evidence piles up: THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A GOD OF ANY KIND!!!

   Check out the Secular Students Alliance online.  You might not feel quite so alone.  It is an organization that is growing by leaps and bounds as students like you continue to discover that there are others with doubts about the efficacy of religion.


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