It won't accept my s/n or password from TA 

so I tried to re-register as new member...

I get to the part about the puzzle that has to be solved but there's no puzzle... Just a blank white space above the continue button.

Anyone with suggestions can contact me via email, and thanks for it.  I know I haven't been participating much recently but I'm in here pretty regular just reading and would like to keep being a member.


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Sorry for the trouble.

What device are you using to register?

You should click the verify button and solve captcha.

I can create your account manually. Do you want same username and email as TA?

If different, pm me details.

First -- THANKS for replying.

I'm working with my reliable MacBook & iMac Desktop both recently updated.

I tried to log in with TA password but AZ would not accept it.

I tried to register as a new member and when I get to the captcha nothing shows up above the words "solve this puzzle" and the continue button.

If you can create it manually with name and password from TA it would be great and much appreciated. But take your time. We're in the process of pulling off a covert wedding tomorrow disguised as a birthday party so things are crazy here for the next few days.

I also tried to get into it but it refused to recognize my old username or password and then I also registered anew and the problem remained - after many years of enjoying Think Atheist ( mostly as a quiet lurker) I am ready to ditch it in angry futility.

I can see you are already registered on new site. What problem are you facing?

Thanks for fixing me up Umar... I'm doing a bit to stir up some activity and get things going there... and I really like the new layout better than this.

I owe you a bag of cookies or something.

The new site worked today to let me in - wouldn't do so yesterday, hope it will be a step forward. Cheers

what new site ? Is this one closing ???? will be kept as an archive.

He's lying Nina...

We decided not to tell you... 

Well I cannot get into the site. Also having trouble getting into this one now, took me ages, so it looks like Ta Ta Thinkatheist for me as it seems unlikely I will get in here again

What problem are you facing? Are you unable to register? or unable to access new site?

Umar  I'm having a problem in AZ that I need to know about and I'm not going to be uncivil about it.

I cannot post on the forums and can't start threads. I'm not sure if someone has reported me for saying something that didn't make them happy but if that's the case then there's either one of two people it could be and they obviously take themselves more seriously than I take myself.  If that's the case in AZ with as little participation as there is right after this move  you can bet it's going to get worse.

In Yahoo Answers the report monkeys eventually took over and chased all the serious members away.  I left there over 3 years ago because of it.


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