So i came up with a thought

Nothing created the big bang.

And nothing created god

Both come to the same issue "Nothing created this thing or being that created something"

Have any of you ever wondered if maybe both sides are wrong if maybe the answer lays deeper then we may ever discover? What if none of what appears in front of us is even real or what if its something so simple much simpler then any of this that none of us even notice?

 have you ever wondered?

i do am i thinking to hard?

Some people say i think to hard but i cant stop.

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What you have there is called:

hehe but don't you ever wonder its not so much i believe that but i think about it being possible maybe who knows.

There's no data (there can't ever be any data) that would support such a worldview.

We could have existed only for the last minute and wouldn't know it.

Sure one may wonder, but should go really fast away from it because on that road lies madness.

Madness only is there if you allow it to take over but if you live a life not caring not worrying about whats right or wrong it doesn't hurt to wonder it doesn't hurt to stop and think that for a day. forever maybe but not for a little while in fact it helps people learn and experience new things new views.  

But that's the problem: in thinking "We existed not but for the last minute" there lies nothing new.

Same as "There is something that we can never see or measure" that kind of definition brings you nothing to the table.

Ther eis only somethign we don't "see" YET.

No i wouldn't agree this time i got to say that i think that even if you say that there is something we can never see or measure you can still search you can still lock you can still explore. Though the words may seem to say you can't  maybe there the wrong words but in a sense it's possible to still look or try. 

Even if you mind says you can never know doesn't are minds look  for answers any how?

Of course that's why we try to unravel what happened before the bigBang, even though Time is defined as somethign that began at exactly the BigBang.

Scientists of course look, but not at perceived impossibilities but somehting that can, by definition, be tested.

It's funny i would love to get into science one day even though i agree so much with its ideas and some of the theory's i cant rap my mind around why we don't look for the small just because we can't see maybe if we start searching for "How" we may find something more? But i guess we all ready do that too huh? 

What do you mean "the small"?

you do know Scientists try to explain how quantum states work? the very smallest thing possible?

Um small was more of a example Small as in something we don't notice something within another thing. I think your correct i think the smallest thing would be quantum?  i really didn't think that far but like many my mind tends to think and stop and sometimes not notice. Hm you know maybe its something so small i can't even think about i just don't know:) but i think u really ended that there.

It's funny i enter into this place thinking im going to have to explain everything i believe to people who wont get me. then i notice dude there on my level of thinking,higher. You know more then what i learned and was told. I was the one who came here to learn. (I'm used to talking with Christians) so the waters i wanted to test i could never test cuse even if i asked or stated id get nothing back.  (I'm used to explaining and helping) its odd..i envy it i was only told so much even though i wanted to learn EVERYTHING about reality i could....never did.

Both sides what i meant last night was most likely me saying "Christianity" and Non "Religion"Maybe there  both wrong maybe even though we haven't found answers yet for sure. There is still a time we may believe we have found the reason the answers. And when we find them more questions appear and possibly more false answers and understandings. What if it's something so big or so simple we may never even know what that is never even come to a point of noticing it are eyes may never see what's their because "some" not "All" people see the big more then the small. 

It was really a late night thought that was surrounded with no true answer that lead me into more curiosity that lead me to wanting to ask a question. Even though in return i would most likely be considered an idiot with a brain of a rat.


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