Hello fellow TA members. With halloween in just a few weeks, I was wondering if any of you have seen or thought of any good atheist costumes. I'am somewhat at a loss since one cannot really "dress" as an Atheist, and because I don't really want to go as an upside down cross. When it comes to a costume I  suppose expressing anti-theism might be easier than Atheism, but any ideas of the sort would help.


P.s. Not sure how evolution as a theme would play out in costume, but Im open to the idea of that too.



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You're a guy... wear a Jesus costume! lol. You can get one at Cappels or other costume stores! ^_-

I'm dressing like a peacock...

Actually, we were talking about costumes at work the last couple of days, and the first thing that came to mind for me was The Grand Inquisitor of the "Holy Roman Inquisition." Such a pious position... I couldn't resist!


I'll be Moses:2000 holding two carton boxes that state the great words of wisdom by George Carlin “Live and let live... Anyone who can’t go along with that, take him outside and shoot the motherfucker."

Im going to try to go as Temperance Brennan from "Bones". Her character is an Atheist ^_^
Nice, always liked her character, but never knew she was an Atheist. Maybe that's part of the reason I enjoy her so much!

Along the same lines, you could go as Dexter.  He's an atheist, and you could really take the costume as far along the cute-to-morbid continuum as you want.

What's an atheist to do? Dress up and have fun! There is no harm not being a skeptic for a night in the name of fun, in fact that can a very healthy thing to do. My wife and I are both Secular humanists but last year a bunch of us went to a haunted farm near here and had a blast. It's a healthy release.

is your aim to let people know (via your costume) that you are an atheist?  i mean, i'm a landscape architect by profession, but i don't walk around with a t-square and some trash paper strapped to my back. i don't offer information on proper planting procedure in every conversation that i have.  my car does not have a bumper sticker stipulating that the difference between two elevations at two points is equal to the slope multiplied by the horizontal distance between the same two points.


i don't think you can identify as an atheist through a costume because there's no features (short of an individual known to be an atheist) that will clue people into your costume idea.  you can dress like richard dawkins and carry a copy of "the god delusion," but most people will not know that you are richard dawkins.  you will appear to be someone's grandfather. 


so my suggestion is to go as the invisible pink unicorn.

As stated in the original post, atheism is the idea here, BUT anti-theism is probably easier to project than atheism. Also, this is halloween, not my day to job, I am not asking how to "look" like and atheist walking around everyday, I realize this is not really possible. I am also looking for a theme here, as stated, not a huge sign that say hey everybody look at me, I am an atheist fuck your religion. That's why I also said, while everybody is dressed as a hooker or Charlie Sheen, id just prefer to represent/project something that I am passionate about. Nothing more nothing less. Based on the responses before you id also have to say that one definitely can identify as an atheist via costume, there are some pretty good suggestions thus far.

I've got some more.  


-Cosmic Teapot analogy:  You could dress up as Mars with a little pink teapot orbiting around you.

-Might be tricky, but if you have a group of like-minded friends, you could dress up each as a different phase on the ape-to-man evolution chart.

Be the flying spaghetti monster dude! I think I will be his noodly appendage as well, in his honor ;)


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