Hello fellow TA members. With halloween in just a few weeks, I was wondering if any of you have seen or thought of any good atheist costumes. I'am somewhat at a loss since one cannot really "dress" as an Atheist, and because I don't really want to go as an upside down cross. When it comes to a costume I  suppose expressing anti-theism might be easier than Atheism, but any ideas of the sort would help.


P.s. Not sure how evolution as a theme would play out in costume, but Im open to the idea of that too.



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Fred Flinstone costume should do it!

you should go as a crocoduck






Carl Sagan.  Turtleneck & corduroy jacket!


flying spaghetti monster

fish with legs

WBC protester mockery with a clever sign

YEAH! I agree!

Zombie Jesus.

anti-theism is probably easier to express through costume than atheism. Marc's zombie jesus idea is a good one. Other than that, you could parody a religious nutter.....atheists will laugh and give you candy, theists will think you are serious....and give you candy.

Go as Darwin. Get a big grey beard, a walking stick, and somehow suspend a lit lightbulb above your head.

That walking fish thing would be cool--oh, and can you make it eat that Jesus Fish? That would ROCK!

You could go as a baby eating heathen or as a pastafarian pirate. :)

We are not aliens (well we are if you want to dress up as one), but why do some atheists feel the need to always be "different". I feel that for some - being atheist is not so much intellectual but rather on "being different from everyone else" - just do what other people do, whether atheist, theist, buddhist, whatever ... just be a human being.

Idk if you'll be able to hear me up there in your intellectual ivory tower, but its not about being "different" than everyone else. If you want to get technical about it, they (theist) are the ones trying to be different than everyone else (i.e. christian, buddhist, whatever). I'am just sticking with what I was born as, Atheist. Plus this is an adults halloween party, I cant really just go as a human being..thats pretty much what I dress up as the rest of the year, and that would defeat the purpose of a costume contest if I was the cool guy that showed up as a "human" While everyone else is dressing as hookers, police officers, and jersey shore cast members, I would just like to be something that represents just a little of the intellectual superiority I guess we Atheist have.. 


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