Green jobs. Can someone let me know what a green job is? Is that creating electric cars, which cause tons of waste on the environment. Because the only green job I can imagine is one promoting walking to work.


When will Republicans get it? 99% of Republicans exist to support the top 1% rich Republicans. Republicans yell tax cuts after tax cuts. Most of the tax cut goes to the top 1% of the rich. Your middle class tax cut comes back to you with an interest! When did we ever had a TAX ***** CUT without a deficit increase? Last Bush tax cut was paid by China. Our wars were paid by China and Japan. They are going to want their money back one of these days. What is wrong with our current government that was chosen by popularists? Is it because we are no longer focused on making the top 1% richer? These Republicans never complained when we were borrowing money from foreigners to cover their taxes, but now they are bitching and moaning.

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Historically Tax Cuts have repeatedly led to greater revenue. The thing that Republicans don't get now is that well doesn't keep delivering forever. Our tax rates now are very low and as a result you can't keep going back to that well. And yeah, they like to complain about the "tax and spend" Democrats. The difference is that their taxing and spending is for wars where private enterprise makes money (read their friends). Democrats take from the rich and give to the poor via government programs. I think that both are wrong and we need a 3rd party whom cares about small government and isn't afraid of every country in the world.

For Green energy, ahref=""> Iit's a new idea for solar. I agree with Daniel that Green Energy is carbon rich to create. Long term I see it as beneficial though. This guy at TED presents an apparently great idea to cut solar energy production costs both in terms of carbon and financial investment. Skip to 13:30 or so if you want to just get to the crux of what I'm saying. Enjoy


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