I think the greatest argument against god, aside from the bible itself, is you or me...Let me elaborate. When I was being brought up in religion I often felt that most of the things I read in the old testament were flat out wrong, why would such a supposed loving and caring god do these horrible things to us? As I got older I started looking for the answer to this and other questions I had about religion and specifically the bible, the answers i got from various religious leaders were laughable to me at best. To this day I cannot find a decent answer to that simple question and "God works in mysterious ways, we cannot understand his intentions" just doesnt cut it. I did a crude and simple social experiment a couple of years ago with a bunch of my friends, the results were interesting.
I went out and bought the PC game "Black and White 2" now if your not familiar with this game let me break it down for you. You are a god, responsible for an entire culture and it is your job to help them survive. Sounds pretty straight forward right? Its also funny that the other cultures in the game have different gods and will attack you based on their beleifs, trying to convert you...sounds like the real world. Thats beside the point though, I got side tracked. What I noticed was that when I played the game I could never really bring myself to be consistently horrible to the people, I felt bad and its only a game. Though it is fun to crush houses with a giant boulder or spawn a tornado or two in town, over the course of the game I tended to be exceedingly nice to my subjects and I didnt care how many of them were worshiping me as long as they survived. This struck me, I thought to myself, "When I play god I feel no need to be an incredible asshole to my people, so why is god such a prick in the bible?" I offered the game to six of my friends and I sat and watched them play for a few hours. After they were over the initial "Coolness" of destroying their village and messing with their people I noticed they all played the game similar to how I had, exceedingly nice. I never let my friends know I was studying what they were doing and I never asked them the reason for this, I just believe it is not part of human nature to be cruel or mean for no reason. (there are exceptions though) I could never fuck with Abraham, Lot, Job and all of the others the way god does in the bible, I would feel kinda shitty about it. The point I'm trying to make is this. If we are supposedly created in gods image then why do we feel bad after performing acts of slaughter and destruction that you find in the bible, on a PC game? There is no way that the god of the bible is better than us in anyway if he can perform these attrocities without batting an eye.
I would encourage people to read the bible and when you get to the really nasty parts ask yourself WWID? (What Would I Do?)
Well, my friends and I beat the game quite thouroughly, all the other cultures were violently forced to worship us, all is good in the gaming world. Although if the object of the game was to simply survive and to thrive without forcefully pushing myself on other cultures, I would have been more than happy with that.

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Much of religion (any religion) makes more sense if you view it as a method of controlling the populace.

"Religion is regarded by the common people as true, by the wise as false, and by the rulers as useful." - Seneca the Younger
Maybe the god of the Old Testament was just getting used to the "cool factor" of burning cities and killing first-born sons, and by the time he was manifested in the more benevolent son-mode, he had started to feel a bit guilty about it...? Haha


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