God is beyond space and has no spatial dimensions

 The trace of gold in the alloy is invisible but becomes visible through microscope (Huamn incarnation is a combination of Son of God (a best devotee) and God). The wave nature and particle nature are visible through microscope only and both are imaginable to scientific logic. The unimaginable God is beyond space and has no spatial dimensions.  Other than God, all the items in the creation including souls are imaginable because they have spatial dimensions. After all, the soul is nervous energy, which is in the form of propagating waves and it is only a specific special work form of inert energy generated from the inert energy in the functioning nervous system. It is just like the grinding work, which is a specific and special work form of current energy generated in working grinding machine.

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so that would really lead to the truth.... no god...TRUE
Is this incomprehensible stream of noise supposed to be an argument?
Dear Adriana, if you can't understand the point of the original post, it's only because of your lack of unimagination.
God being the generator of space, is beyond space and therefore, can never be imagined

The unimaginable God is beyond the four-dimensional model of space and time. You can imagine the dissolution of matter converting into energy filling the space. Subsequently you can imagine the disappearance of energy in the space and the result is final vacuum. But, even if you try for your lifetime, you can never imagine the disappearance of vacuum.

God being the generator of space is beyond space and therefore, can never be imagined. If you have to imagine God, the pre-requisite is the imagination of disappearance of space or vacuum. Of course space is a form of very fine energy and in this context the word energy used by Me can be taken as crude form of energy. The only knowledge about God is that He is beyond the knowledge (Yasyaamatam… Veda).

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In other words, we'll just have to trust you when you say he exists. Thanks but no.
That's the problem with America today: there's just no unimagination anymore. If only parents would encourage their kids to unimagine a little harder...
Protip: Using big science-y-sounding words does not automatically make your argument an intelligent one.
So the soul has dimensions and it is comprised of nervous energy in the for of propagating waves?

What gave you the information that the soul has dimensions? What are those dimensions? Certainly they would be measurable since they are "energy". What propagating wave length can we use to watch these waves? If it's inert how is it propagating in waves? Moving yet still. I'm picturing it riding in a car down the nervous system as if it's a roadway.

The particle is visible through the microscope... do you have a picture of the soul? That would be helpful.
If you threw a bunch of words in the air, you could easily come up with this jumbled, incoherent, rambling statement.
It's like magnetic poetry.
i always find it amusing that to explain god one must use examples yet no one knows what god is like or his form or function nor in what existence and state he must occupies. in essence making the examples and similes absolutely useless speculation. there is no more speculative science, if you can call it that, then theology.


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