Flying the Atheist Banner on Independence Day

To U.S. citizens:

So is it in atheism's best interests to promote supernatural abstinence on the Fourth of July?

In flying atheist banners over such places as the beaches of Biloxi, the Toledo Zoo, and a parade in Rapid City, S.D., I wonder what the crowd reaction will be overall? 

One of the banners will proclaim "Atheism is Patriotic". That should confuse the hell out of a few theists will several beers under their belts. Or maybe even the among the teetotalers. 

Happy 239th B-day America!

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Do we even have a formal flag?

The first I recognize... the other two not at all.

I know some theocrats who would like to require we have our foreheads tattooed with something that warns their brethren of who we are.

I would find it about as tasteful as flying a religious flag. National days should be about what unites the people of a country, not what separates them.  

I am inclined to agree with you Arcus.

Oddly, that's not totally unlike my profile pic, where I replaced the snake of the Gadsden Flag with the Red A.

Ha, I thought I had an original idea, but maybe I've seen something like this before. (I honestly don't remember.) I wanted to curve (rocker) the text, and ripple the whole thing so it doesn't look so flat, but it was too much trouble with the simple software I have. (Hmm, looks a bit top heavy, too.)

I wouldn't mind if the thirteen stripes could symbolize freedom from religion on July 4ths. I'm otherwise reluctant to hijack the contemporary stars & stripes as a personalized symbol, but maybe I could get over that whenever Christians claim exclusive ownership of it.


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