written by David William Peretiatko


"An Atheist in Love" 

This life to hold you
This time to share
cold mountain naps
rushing ocean and
salt scented
sun lazied conversations
dark celestial gazings
lying on barren winter
(hard and dead)
These years to adore you
These days to love you
cause your laughter
fill your days with smiles
bright and warm
for I cannot
love you past the grave
nor retain any memory
of the sweetness of your eyes
we will
all consciousness erased
and that will be the end
of it
There will be no
how I pray
there was a heaven
big and empty
waiting for vapourous ships
full of the ghosts of lovers
to dock at its marble harbour
and fills its golden streets

I even wish there was a
with its weeping
and gnashing of teeth
with its consuming

so at least
I'd exist enough
to think
of you

written by David William Peretiatko

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Nice poem!

I enjoyed reading for Elia Abu Madi Lebanese-American poet... he was atheist :)



              Smile - Elia Abu Madi
 ™ ®  Translated by: Mahmoud Abbas Masoud :)

He said: Lo, the sky is somber, and frowned.
I said: Smile just the same! Enough frowns in the sky

He said: Youth has left me and fled; I said: Smile!
Sorrow will never bring back your vanished youth

He said: The one whose love was my heaven,
Has tormented my soul
And turned my love into an inferno

She has betrayed my affection,
After I made my heart her sole possession.
So how can I smile

I said: Smile and enjoy yourself;
If you dwell on the hurt she dealt you, you will spend
The rest of your days in pain and suffering

He said: Business is in such turmoil,
As a traveler, almost dying of thirst

Like a consumptive young lass, in dire need of blood;
Wasting her life blood, with each gasp

I said: Smile, you are not the cause of her disease,
Nor will you be able to heal her.
Smile, for a smile may help

If someone else is a culprit,
Must you lose sleep worrying,
As if you yourself were the culprit

He said: The loud cries of my enemies
Are blaring around me,
How can I be happy when enemies are roundabout

I said: Smile, they are not after you
For a crime you have committed;
They would have ought against you if you weren’t
Better and greater than themselves

He said: The sales’ season is upon us,
Yet my merchandise of clothes and toys
Is not selling at all

I have an obligation toward my loved ones,
Yet, I have no single penny in my hand

I said: Smile, it is enough you are still living,
And not lacking in friends and well wishers

He said: The days have forced me to swallow bitter gall.
I said: Smile, even if bitter gall was given to you in strong doses

Perhaps if someone saw you in good spirits
Will discard gloom and rejoice instead

Will complaining ever earn you a penny?
Will you lose anything for being cheerful

There is no danger, friend, in parting your lips;
Your face will not disfigure if you smile

Laugh, for the stars laugh when night is darkest;
It is for this reason we love the stars

He said: Cheerfulness makes no one happy,
People come to this world and leave it against their will

I said: Smile as long as a short span
Separates you from death;
For once dead, you will not smile again



Also, I like this one with the mask guy in the youtube... very nice poem about Adam and Eve.



I like this poem Hope, I'm going to keep it. 

Call me classical neard but I need structure with my poems, like alliteration, measure and rhyme ;D All in all very nice.

Better question would be 'why are there so few atheistic poets?'. I know many singers (like Bjork), comedians (like Carlin, Seth McFarlane) and musicians like Andy McKee and so on. And by poet I mean a person who writes songs on paper with pen and never sings them :D

Jesus is Awesome!!!! I am soo glad he is my Savior!!!

Maybe am missing something here, is this also a poem? Just curious

I always think I am going to develop a taste for poetry one day.  Still waiting.

Maybe you're a poet and you don't even know it. 

did anyone else immediately read the title of the thread as 'First Atheist-Themed Porn that I enjoyed'?  

Then reality struck and I noticed the r was an e.  


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