Hey guys I'm mike from michigan. I was directed to this site by a family member who has the same doubts about religion as I do. She sent a link to a post that was on here to me through twitter and I've been here everyday since finally decided to join up today when a good friend of mine basically disowned me when I spoke out about how religion alters people. So please feel my pain. I'm here to learn more about my doubts and anything else that I can. Thanks again T.A. for making it possible to "not believe" and not feel so alone about it. Never will I be a sheep following the herd of closed minded fools.

Mike from MI

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Welcome to T.A! If you have any questions feel free to ask. There are a lot of very knowledgeable people here who would be more than happy to give your inquiry a go. 


This website was very informative for me. If you have time you should give it a peek.

Glad to have you with us!

Hello Mike, welcome to TA. I feel your pain, I used to be into catholic church quite a lot. I even prepared kids for their first communion, these kids would ask some questions that even I, as an adult would not have tought of. I went to the priest for some answers...... I was told not to question... ever........ Jus t like I don't trust the government.... I decided 22 years ago that I would no longer follow along with the rest of blinded sheep... i feel that there are more people like us, but are affraid of retaliation....... Welcome and be affraid of the boogie man or the dark....

Folks, I've been hit with scriptures, told god loves me, told I shouldn't push my beliefs on my babies, somebody feels sorry for me but god still loves me??this is by that friend of mine trying to convert me to whatever it is she. So I counterpunch with the matts safe law and then ireland telling the vatican what's really going on. And told her basically that god is making her do this...lol I think she gave up

Nice counter strike, :D


Honestly, the more you study Christianity, especially the bible, the more you realize that it relies heavily on intellectual corruption.  I almost think a cult does worse by aligning itself with verifiable facts, because new facts are always being discovered and only serve to undermine the power the cult holds.  Christianity fares so well because it gets you to believe the implausible, and then convinces you to feel guilty if you doubt - which you will; then they sell you the 'cure' for feeling guilty whereby they tell you it is natural to feel guilty because you are a shameful human being from the start - but by giving up all hope (and attachment) to reality you'll feel a HUGE burden lift.  I think you do feel that burden lift, but the euphoria comes from relieving your cognitive dissonance by abandoning the facts that contradict the dogma in favour of the fairy tale they sold you in the first place.  It's almost mind boggling how insidious it is.

   The way I look at it, the fact that 95% of Americans claim to believe in God automatically places me in the upper 5% of intellectually superior Americans.  I like that feeling.  

Welcome Mike. Sorry you've been through that. :( I am much luckier in that way due to living in the UK where we atheists are the majority but I have seen a few American atheists here share stories like that so I am sure you find many people who know exactly what its like. :)

Hi Michael, welcome.

  I too live in Michigan, I live in Lapeer county and have been following TA since I first saw a consensus on the most popular atheist blog/discussion sites out there about a year ago.  Though I've been an atheist since the age of reason (I'm 56 now) it has been a long and lonely road, I first ran across the FFRF, and have been with them for several years now and recommend their Freethought Today newspaper for keeping up on the issues of separation of church and state, but found their chat site more as an avenue for a younger crowd who tended to use it for text messaging between themselves without much conversation on atheism and the secular viewpoint, I've found TA is more user friendly for the more intelligent conversations that are needed to build confidence among one's peers with links to intelligent scientific blogs that are critical in pulling in those still on the fence, and in informing those who are already here but seek more information on the subject of reality. So, yes, I do feel your pain and welcome you to one of the best remedies available online

Welcome, sir. Can relate. I have been de-friended online and personally because of religion. Can tell you some crazy stories... well they're strange and interesting at least. And sorry to hear about your friend. :-(


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