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For anyone interested in Atheist  Republic, their url is http://AtheistRepublic.com .

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Jade, the font is black on a dark grey screen. Can you fix it?

Actually painful to read.  I couldn't get beyond a couple of sentences.

I deleted it.

Readers, see Jade's next top-level post below, for readable text.

Please fix the font color so we can read your post.


we seek to explicitly promote a set of universal ethical principles that are inextricably linked to the atheist cause,

So, Atheist Republic is like, the new Atheism+? Well we all know how well that turned out! </sarcasm>... Bottom line is that atheism is not enough to group people in this way, because atheism is not a worldview! We come from all walks of life, both sides of the political spectrum!

fascism: an authoritarian and nationalistic right-wing system of government and social organization.

The word just doesn't apply to Harris, Maher, Dawkins, or Rubin, as they are ALL left leaning, libertarians. As such, I'm going to assume the social media headline writers are fuckwits and have no idea what they're talking about. The author also seems to think that secularism is the cause of these headlines... NO! The cause is social media "news" outlets sensationalising anything they can get their hands on.

so that we might confront the prejudice, flawed logic, and dogmatism found in the ideology of those who have presented themselves to the public as representatives of our community.

So, the author agrees with the sensationalist social media headlines? I must, therefore, assume the author is also a fuckwit.

primarily wealthy white men

Irrelevant to the correctness of their arguments...

are misrepresenting atheists on the global stage

Still waiting for a single example of this...

while simultaneously undermining the defining characteristics of atheism

How? How are they in ANY way undermining the fact that atheists don't believe in gods?

the reality is that radical Islam poses no greater threat than radical Christianity

Hence, why secularism is the answer!

to remain silent as 1.5 billion people around the world are demonized and cast out

For the most part, they aren't.

ethical principles that define atheism

Of which there are none... by definition.

Conclusion: This is far, FAR, left wing propaganda (so far left that it considers avowed left wingers to be fascists), and should be promptly ignored. They are trying to unite atheists under some kind of banner, which ultimately reflects only their own (far left) personal beliefs and will result in division in exactly the same way that Atheism+ did. The only way to unite atheists is to allow each of us to hold our own views, opinions, and ethics.

atheism is not enough to group people in this way

I was thinking it'd work better under a secularism banner, but I'll be in favor of multiple advocates.

This is far, FAR, left wing propaganda

Even before reading it, such long paragraphs look ranty and scare me away. They don't tend to encourage point-by-point dialog.

 The only way to unite atheists is to allow each of us to hold our own views, opinions, and ethics.

Yup! I like being inclusive, sometimes to a fault.

Headlines from social media and online news outlets read "New Atheists are white supremacists with a liberal pseudo-intellectual polish," or "How fascist secularists (Harris, Maher, Dawkins, and Rubin) led us to Trump and the #MuslimBan," and "The Alt-Right Liberal Atheist Cabal (#ARLAC) promotes white supremacy under the pretext of preserving (white) secularist values."  Sincere introspection is needed within the atheist community, so that we might confront the prejudice, flawed logic, and dogmatism found in the ideology of those who have presented themselves to the public as representatives of our community. [bold by Pope Beanie]

That last sentence doesn't fully match my feelings about what's happening. I'm still wondering how people can believe they can make a difference by when sounding so strident, and I'm taken aback by most negative stereotyping. I quit using the word Islamophobia when I discovered how much it pisses people off, and energizes them to do battle; or vote for potential authoritarians! Negative stereotyping builds walls that keep out good guys, too.

Over all, I try not to discredit people who take strident, confrontational approaches to "dialog", but am still struggling with how to motivate people to raise their positive voices and put themselves out there as good examples instead of as skillful shamers and name callers. (Trump WINS at that skill!)


Jade, thank you for the post... I'll be reading more about Atheist Republic now. (They're on the 'right' side!)

Don't take this the wrong way, I am equally weary and concerned about the state of things in most Anglo-Saxon countries (especially the UK and the US), and things seem grim...but I think it's important to be careful with extreme claims and to put things into perspective.

There is no moment more crucial in the history of modern atheism than that which we now face.

American atheists represent a fraction of atheists in the world and compared with most countries enjoy incredible freedom. I would argue the most important phase in any countries acceptance of atheists is ending severe punishment, banishment or execution of apostates. I would say people in Saudi Arabia, Iran and Pakistan being viciously tortured and murdered for denying God...are facing a more crucial barrier. Not to say that impinging on secularism in the US (and the UK, Ireland, Poland etc) is not terribly alarming and sad...and I imagine a grim few years ahead, but I would say while it's important, it's not even close to the most crucial moment in any countries secularization/treatment-of-atheists.

fighting the growing momentum of fascism in the U.S.

There are certainly all the pieces necesary for a facist like state to emerge, that being said there are also strong and equipped forces to resist and push back the whole time. It's reasonable to be fearful of impending doom and gloom but it's certainly not a given.

we allow the continued encroachment of fascism's medieval worldview into our modern civilization.

If by midaevil you mean the severe ruthless brutality and discriminatory mechanisms of Sharia law, Judaic law, emerging Orthodox russian law... I'd say a small handful of Wesetern countries have allowed Sharia like law to be applied to certain family matters like divorce proceedings, custody of children, inheritance (which is extremely descriminative and completely contrary to Western humanist values) I'd agree. But this is a handful of countries and even these countries (and especially those who don't allow religious family law) are actively fighting things like gender specific opression, marital rape, female genital mutilation, honour killing, child mariage...going so far as to prosecute parents and spouses for even taking their child or future spouse abroad to commit such abuse in another country and then return. Families have been charged with child abuse for taking their children to Yemen to chop their daughters genitals off and then return to the UK for example.

We must always take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressors


The opposite of love is not hate, it's indifference.

Not sure that follows.

"The opposite of love is not hate, it's indifference.

- "The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about."


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