One Amanda Nagel Fields, writes on a Facebook page advocating making the Pledge of Allegiance mandatory in all schools.

"For all of you who thinks that one nation under GOD should be taken off well got a few
words for you....Go Jump off a Bridge or Get out of the United States."

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She needs to pass 8th grade first.

Here's a record of my current correspondence with this woman:

Todd M. Pence December 4 at 5:17pm
Anyone who wants to live in "one nation under God," there is a country in which you can do so. It is called Iran.

Amanda Nagel Fields December 4 at 5:53pm Report
you might want to do some resurch on that because it is a known fact that Iran is a muslim and islamic nation so you might want to look up your info before you start running your mouth about stuff that you haven't resurched or that you don't know much about....All I was saying was that they are taking our rights away and if you look at your history this nation was made baised off of GOD not and is One Nation Under God NOT One Nation Under Allah! and did I mention that irans religion is MUSLIM NOT your resurch before you argue with a HISTOR MAJOR and a RELIGION MAJOR.....

Todd M. Pence December 4 at 11:06pm
Since Allah of Islam and the God of Christianity are both egotistical, psychotic, sadistic mass murderers you shouldn't find the switch from one to another very much difficult.

People who persist in believing in their imaginary friend (i.e. God) into adulthood are delusional. People who insist that others believe in their imaginary friend as well, and who throw apoplectic fits when they demur, are categorically insane. The one thing the Soviet Union got right is that it recognized this basic fact.

You claim to be a "histor major". What that is, I have no idea, nor what sort of University issues such a degree. But considering your appalling lack of historical knowledge (America was founded on God?) as well as your atrocious spelling ("baised", "alegiance", "budisum", "FALLOWER"???) I have to ask if the institution of learning that graduated you has had their accreditation revoked. If not, then why on earth not?

If she's ever read Deuteronomy, she would know that Yaweh and Allah are the same God. When Abraham knocked up the maidservant because he didn't have faith his old wife could bear children, he had to send her away when his old wife did get preggers (did I mention old wife, Sarah, was also his sis?). He was feeling pretty guilty about the whole thing and didn't want his kid not to be taken care of, so God (Yaweh) promised to take care of Hagar and Ismael and bless them in the same way he planned to bless Isaac, his legit son.

Palestinians are supposedly descendants of Ishmael. Ishmael's god is the god of Abraham. That god promised to take care of both nations. She's a pretty poor history buff if she doesn't know this.

i shouldn't laugh at this but i do. what is resurch? wow, her college education was money well spent. i got in to an argument with someone today about god. i told them to prove to me god existed without using "because i feel him" or "the bible says so" or " i saw him on my toast" she then proceeded to prove that he didn't exist without using science. wtf?

If she is actually in college, I weep for her professors.
You destroyed her Todd, which is probably why she chose not to respond. I like that she immediately claimed ownership of "God" and not just Jehovah, the Christian God and attempted to steal "God" from other religions.
Her final message to me is a classic:

"you know what dude no one cares what you have to say this country was formed on God and the Bible. whatever spelling is a little off right now been up for 22 hours doing work and taking care of two kids one with cp so you are you to judge me. the only one who can judge me is our LORD Jesus Christ and GOD. I don't feel like getting into a debate with some morron who is so wraped up in being an ass hole and egotistical and not care bout anyone but himself don't message me anymore if you do i will press charges

I will be praying for your soul and for you....God Bless"
oh my god ....

First she insults the united states by pouring out incorrect facts along with awful grammar and spelling ... then claims YOU are the one who doesn't care about anyone but themselves ... LOL

Then to top it off, she plays the persecution card ... AFTER insulting you.

It's like if I ran into a black man on the street, and he just upped and punched me in the face, I get knocked down ... then stand up and call him a prick ... and he says I'm a racist asshole for calling him a prick.

Unless that is a bad analogy. Hmm.

I couldn't tell you how many times I've had dialogue with christians that was nearly identical to this.


What?  The "you are an asshole jerkface and I hope you die a horrible death soon so you can burn in hell forever....but I'll pray for you."?


I love those, too.  Classy folk.

Heaven will be full of people like this?


Count me out.

I have a co-worker who until 2 years ago believed that the world began 6000 years ago, and believes in every aspect of the bible literally.  She thinks all Muslims should die, and that suspected terrorists should be tortured and killed WITHOUT A TRIAL.  After a religious debate with her (or rather a verbal attack because of my being atheist) she said: 


"Well... I know I'm going to heaven, and I'll pray for you."  I replied, "Nah don't bother,  if it's full of people like you than I'd prefer the company of the intelligent people who are evidently all going to meet me in hell."


In another conversation with the same woman, she started bashing Richard Dawkins.  I ignored it for as long as possible, but of course she sucked me in finally by saying, "That's probably some garbage that you agree with isn't it Joe?  You think we are all stupid just like he does?"  

 I simply replied, "Yes I do enjoy reading Dawkins, and as for your second said it not me."  







I love how she capitalizes LORD and GOD. And ooh, press charges... :-O


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