Hey everyone,


I'm kinda new here. Been lurking in the shadows, never made a real post until now. I've hesitated to get involved because I don't like the label "atheist" (too much baggage, misunderstood, etc.) plus I'm not really interested in encouraging people to "think atheist" per se. (I just want people to "think." The atheist will follow naturally if they're doing it right.)


Anyway, I am introducing myself as an "ex-true-Christian," a term that I have coined to anticipate a common objection I hear. If you're like me, you've heard it a thousand times... "You were never a true Christian in the first place..." In fact, I used to say it myself to others who left the faith before me.


Jesus was everything to me. He was my life, my breath, my fountain of grace and mercy. I would have died to spread the gospel, and I was more than prepared to give my life for his sake. I felt like I had found "freedom" in the gospel, until I finally woke up to all the bullshit by choosing to be HONEST with myself about unanswered prayer, Bible contradictions, the hopelessly endless disagreements about God among Christians themselves, and other such nonsense.


I've managed to meet a lot of atheists who were fortunate enough to reject religious nonsense when they were very young, as well as many atheists who never really believed in the Christian God in the first place but played the role of believer for years just to keep everyone happy. I'm finding it rare and difficult to connect with other ex-believers who were deeply and genuinely in love with Jesus. If that is you, then PLEASE friend me, connect with me, check me out on Twitter, etc. etc. Share your story with me, and I'll share mine.


Please connect with me anyway, but I definitely want to find other "ex-true-Christians" out there. I feel very much alone in rejecting a belief system I was once incredibly passionate about.

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I found that really little changed, life just goes on. And that actually added to my disbelief.

But this may be different to you, since the transition will be steeper because you were more 'high' on Jesus (pun intended).

If you do notice changes in your life or perspective on life, would you let me know? (in a PM for instance). I'm really curious on how this development goes for others, and you are still fresh out of the faith (as you yourself put it), so your memory of the changes will be least 'tainted' by time.


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