I read this today:


I suppose it comes as no surprise. I've only been on this site for 4 years now, lol. Basically everything it says I already knew.

I'm sad that I've had to resort to some sort of hybrid believer just to be among the most likely people in society to support the kind of community I need around me to raise children. It doesn't seem right. Do I believe? Do I not believe? I don't fucking know anymore.

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First of all..Jesus didnt popularise anything. Not even the writers of the Gospels did. They mentioned forgiveness in passing, a few lines of text here and tgere and also mentioned a total lack of forgiveness (if not brutal retribution un hell). 

St. Paul popularised a certain amount of forgiveness that he claimed was inspired by Jesus but  went beyond Jesus's handful of advice on forgiving un the gospels. Paul also intensified the nonforgiveness part. Jesus didnt popularise eternal unforgiveness..Paul did. Paul was te architect and mastermind.

You then claim the paradigm of an eye for an eye is gone when in fact it was never as vicious as people claim it was (were the Jews mean and vengeful and ruthless or was an eye for an eye just another concept...one of many? And tge eye for an eye never went away. The reader is harassed dozens of times about God and Jesus absolute non forgiveness (the whole hell thing). Forgiveness didnt become the norm. If anything...life became far more austere and unforgiving for dissenters and ordinary people once christianity dug its claws into Europe. You know...tge whole decebt into the dark ages. The author populsrising forgivess...he did not.

Jesús hung out with outcastes as did all wandering prophets and self proclaimed shahmen. That doesnt mean this was popularised. While several sentences talk about the value of the individual...Jesus said nothing about actively liberating them, making women equal, making it a great sin to let the homeless out on the streets. Dont think for a second there was more charity and tollerance in the Christian world after the honeymoon (you know that time when they had no power and were all smiles and handing out dog biscuits to the helpless).

Even the nastiest Christian doesn't quote those bad passages and use them to support their hateful intolerant positions. 

That is a rediculous statement. This Jesus delusion has you glossing over Jesus's negative messages and how they are quoted by christians. You know...flipping the money tables over, or how about threatening hell if you don't believe in him (Jesus said that and they quote him)...at any given second there is a Christian telling people they are damned...or how about prejudice against those with dissenting ideas (they quote Jesus's calling out of sins such as disagreement or for example speaking badly about God is unforgivable) and then there is the "I am the word" meaning he claims whatever he says is truth and denying it is sinful...christians are certainly known to quote this...or the like. And then there is Jesus agreeing with the ten commandments and the harsh penalties for breaking them. Christians refer to the archaic ten commandments including "You shall worship no other God's (thought control)" as well as control of personal sexual decisions and of course taking the lords name in vein...a friend of mine once punched me pretty hard in the arm for saying "jesus f**king christ" despite him knowing I'm an atheists and it was not meant as an offense. And then there is only one century ago Christians justifying slavery per Jesus's and Paul's ambivalence or even support for it!

I suspect they're easily taken out of context. 

Yes...whenever there are troubling embarassing lines in the bible...it's always taken out of context...except for the fact that some times there is no ambiguity (threatening eternal torture) no exceptions (sexual freedom) and thought control (don't disagree with me). The lessons are absolute and not subject to twisting and modification if the messages of Jesus are what you consider important. He said those things and Christians repeat it.

But Jesus' public image is as the personification of positive, prosocial behaviour:  to the general public he represents old-fashioned, back-to-basics righteousness, compassion, forgiveness, tolerance and inclusion.  These all belong to the universal, Garden of Eden, small-group morality.  By contrast, the Old Testament seems to consist mainly of large-group, cultural morality, which is why it often seems so fucked up when viewed from the context of our own culture. 


Even the nastiest Christian doesn't quote those bad passages and use them to support their hateful intolerant positions. 

Not in my experience. I have had Christians of various denominations rage at me using verses from the Bible to make various points. Not just telling me I am a fool for not believing in their god and not just quoting verses about how I am going to burn in hell for eternity. I personally know women (more than one) who were raped as children by priests who read Bible passages to them to justify their actions. I was almost assaulted by Christian homophobes with banners quoting that vile verse Leviticus 18:22 when on a march supporting marriage equality. I have heard many Christians quote the Bible to condone the State in the killing of prisoners, totally unconcerned if occasionally an innocent person is killed. I have heard JW’s quote scripture to stop blood transfusions that would save their child’s life. I could continue……but fuck them and fuck their book and you can quote me on that. It won’t be out of context.

 “Many religions now come before us with ingratiating smirks and outspread hands, like an unctuous merchant in a bazaar. They offer consolation and solidarity and uplift, competing as they do in a marketplace. But we have a right to remember how barbarically they behaved when they were strong and were making an offer that people could not refuse.”

Hitchens, God is not Great.

I agree with you, you're right.  But my point is that it's very rare for people to actually quote Jesus in order to justify bad behaviour.  On the rare occasions that they dare to do this, it's seen as egregiously immoral:  such as this depressing piece of shit

On the contrary, Jesus is typically presented as the "loving" face of the Christian church, as opposed to the "vengeful God" of the Old Testament. 

As I do research for Sunday School I encounter many stories about how the Bible is used to justify crime or discrimination. I also assist people who have suffered at the hands (and words) of religious people. I see them as regular occurrences, rather than rare events. I will agree that it only involved a minority of people but it is still common enough to have a significant distribution. Here is the most recent case of Christian depravity I read about. Some I refuse to “publish” as they are too extreme.

Ha! The knife-wielder is described as "deeply religious" and in the same sentence it is revealed he was having sex out of wedlock and drunk as a skunk.

You just described most of my Iranian friends who were religious. They had an always full jug of moonshine under the sink...go to Turkey or Azerbaijan to enjoy prostitutes and despite all their serious sins...become utterly murderously hysterical on hearing a rumor (its always a rumour) that a friends sister was seen chatting with a boy outside of school while waiting to be picked up. In Afghanistan you can be sure shed be dead by evening by her alcohol drinking young boy fucking brother.

I used to know 3 Iranian sisters who were very anti-religious. I would sometimes tell them some religiously depraved incident I heard about and they would always take the bait. They would launch into an anti-Islamic tirade of abuse and after a few minutes it felt like the room would melt. Their anger and venom was beautiful to behold. Then they would realise that I was doing it deliberately and they would laugh at me “getting them yet again”. At some point later in the evening one of them would ask me about some silly Christian belief, like Catholics eating their god and I would start to rant before realising that they were playing me at my own game.

They left Iran because of how women were treated by men, including their brothers and uncles…….It’s Iranian men, hallelujah was their song...haha.

Jesus is real, he shows up in Near Death Experiences and tells non-Christians to become Christian. 

Why does Jesus leave it to the last minute to appear?


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