The Pope in his Christmas address rattled off a list of wars and violent conflicts in the world-- Syria, Nigeria, Congo, the Israelis and the Palestinians-- and called for peace, adding:

"I invite even non-believers to desire peace, with your desire, a desire that widens the heart. Let us all unite, either with prayer or with desire, but everyone, for peace," said Pope Francis to sustained applause from the crowd.

I appreciate the intent-- if not the PR value-- of the Pope's completely useless annual call for world peace on his imaginary God's birthday. I'm less appreciative that the Pope included "even" atheists, as though non-believers are the outliers on world peace.

Really, Francis. What wars, acts of violence, or terrorism are being waged over non-belief in God, as opposed to belief in dogmas of religion, ideology, or fascism that "even" atheists must be invited to desire peace? Why the implication that atheists should be excluded or would desire would peace any less than believers do?

It seems to me the Pope has it backwards. If he wants peace he should invite "even" believers to reject dogma in the name of reason. It won't stop any wars, but it'll correctly identify the outliers on world peace.

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so I'm not the only one thats noticed Bobs above average knowledge of diction and below average application of it?

Good to know the Pope is not infallible when he speaks.

I was married to one who's native language isn't English, when she worked primarily as a translator/interpreter. I helped her with translation edits, and can attest to how even a word like "even" can have misuses or misunderstandings. Misinterpretations are not unusual, even in professional work.

This seems too much like crying wolf, to me. If the goal is to indict someone for expressing an intentional diss, I'd wait for more substantial evidence to occur.

I'll leave now, being the obvious party pooper! :)

His statement is as dumb as he is, these conflicts , one cannot say that god-believers at some level influenced the violence to initiate the conflicts. They always tend to demonize people who don't believe in a god thing, and blame them for wars, Hitler is a good example of this.


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